£5000 American Vs Euro Vs JDM Sports Car Challenge

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This week, Alex, Ethan and Jack have £5000 to buy a European, American and JDM car respectively to find out which is best on track!

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  1. Authentic Vibes

    Authentic Vibes

    2 uur geleden

    Even tho its auto,ill have the 300zx😂

  2. Alex


    11 uur geleden

    Yall picked the worst american car you could

  3. Robert Garcia

    Robert Garcia

    Dag geleden

    Out of all the cars you could choose for America you chose that... thing

  4. Joke Assasin

    Joke Assasin

    Dag geleden

    Your soul has to have died for you to consider a PT Cruiser as a sports car.

  5. CharloPlays Official

    CharloPlays Official

    Dag geleden

    300zx is the best

  6. Karan Tamizhan

    Karan Tamizhan

    3 dagen geleden


  7. moparmaster


    3 dagen geleden

    Wow what a Real American car

  8. andrew simmons

    andrew simmons

    3 dagen geleden

    Thats not even a gt pt

  9. facu rojas

    facu rojas

    4 dagen geleden

    The PT Cruiser is the least american, american car, let's be real, this is not fair

  10. Maître Yoda

    Maître Yoda

    4 dagen geleden

    How to waste 5k on a PT Cruiser … A Mustang would have made the job lmao . Well I don’t know if you can find a clean 5k Mustang in the U.K but still .

  11. feedelephant124


    4 dagen geleden

    Jdm for life

  12. Kenneth Kessler

    Kenneth Kessler

    4 dagen geleden

    Lmao the first thing that comes to my head when I think of American cars is a corvette or camaro



    5 dagen geleden

    5k for a 300zx??? (Edit) I understand now

  14. Adam Robledo

    Adam Robledo

    7 dagen geleden

    My pt cruiser is a different animal compared that one 😂

  15. Mcbgaming95


    7 dagen geleden

    Lol carwow do it better this is wtf

  16. Jaime Butler

    Jaime Butler

    8 dagen geleden

    Usa:*has a bunch of great sports cars* These guys: hey let's use something that isn't a sports car

  17. DR SensuBean

    DR SensuBean

    8 dagen geleden

    U you ain't getting noooo z for less then $8000 here in America u less it's a au.....ohhh an automatic.... riiiiiiiight...and you didn't get the turbo or cruiser....

  18. Jason America

    Jason America

    9 dagen geleden

    How did anyone find a Porsche and 300z for 5k

  19. T Szyd

    T Szyd

    9 dagen geleden

    I wish Ethan got the pt cruiser with the 2.4t, that would have been much better

  20. Nate Whitehill

    Nate Whitehill

    9 dagen geleden

    no shot they got a 300zx for $5,000

  21. Patrick Grieves

    Patrick Grieves

    10 dagen geleden

    Why would you buy a pt cruiser for America….

  22. Mechanertainment


    10 dagen geleden

    terrible american car like apples to oranges

  23. MalexPC's


    10 dagen geleden

    the 300zx is undoubtedly the best

  24. FishCap


    11 dagen geleden

    anybody else getting topgear vibes

  25. Mean Man

    Mean Man

    11 dagen geleden

    “They scream America” As an American, I take great offense to that comment and suggesting that pice of garbage is representative of “American” fun vehicles.

  26. Uber sausage

    Uber sausage

    11 dagen geleden

    "JDM cars are so expensive nowadays". Meanwhile in Finland: Cheapest mx-5 on the general car website is 5300€ :(

  27. Martin Rupert

    Martin Rupert

    13 dagen geleden

    Love the 300z

  28. 1980JPA


    13 dagen geleden

    So you guys just happened to get two "decent" sports cars and a pile of shit for the U.S. car. Thx.

  29. RiC SNARE


    13 dagen geleden

    300zx out there looking like it just came out.. aged beautifully

  30. theman inback

    theman inback

    14 dagen geleden

    Should have been a v6 Mustang, even playing field V6 RWD.

  31. Potato rocks

    Potato rocks

    14 dagen geleden

    I want jack to put a an RB in his 300zx

  32. transparent trash

    transparent trash

    15 dagen geleden

    I don't think they could have chose a worse American "sports car"

  33. Keijo


    16 dagen geleden

    How ? How.. here in Finland that Porcshe costs atleast 15ke. And that Nissan same.

  34. tirekilling new-edge

    tirekilling new-edge

    16 dagen geleden

    Man they really did america dirty on this lol

  35. Telefusion


    16 dagen geleden

    PT Cruiser: 1st, 2nd, 2nd = 1.67 300zx: 3rd, 1st, 3rd = 2.33 Viagra: 2nd, 3rd, 1st = 2 I'm pretty sure that means that the PT Cruiser won the competition and it's not even a sports car!

  36. dachanist


    17 dagen geleden

    Obviously the Boxster is the right choice, but where are you getting this magical $6500 clean Boxster 986? In Canada your looking at paying double for a rough one and triple for a clean one, and for that money I went for a 60,000km gt86 that's safetied, comes with summers and winters both on rims, isn't going to break and has a roof that won't leak. For that money you're looking at a questionable rx8 at best.

  37. WTF Car

    WTF Car

    17 dagen geleden

    Not expected a 300zx here

  38. The Mike Fisher Channel

    The Mike Fisher Channel

    18 dagen geleden

    Why on earth would you not pick up an early 2000s mustang GT of some sort for the American car? There’s no portion of a PT Cruiser that American car guys even care to think about

  39. Mrjarvisful


    19 dagen geleden

    Did they really have to take the tops down.

  40. squad master

    squad master

    20 dagen geleden

    Smells like a hospital because that's the last place the previous owner went

  41. squad master

    squad master

    20 dagen geleden

    God no please not the PT cruiser

  42. Dakota Williamson

    Dakota Williamson

    21 dag geleden

    Putting the PT Cruiser in for America is like putting Seth Rogen in for the Olympic 100m dash

  43. Vincente Dearmore

    Vincente Dearmore

    22 dagen geleden

    Doesn't even bring a turbo PT Cruiser. Shame.

  44. ace cnc

    ace cnc

    23 dagen geleden


  45. Hunter Nash

    Hunter Nash

    23 dagen geleden

    Why the fuck would take a pt cruiser get an old shitty mustang or like a freaking cobalt ss

  46. davin reeves

    davin reeves

    24 dagen geleden


  47. jamie c

    jamie c

    24 dagen geleden

    This is some too gear level stuff

  48. Jurie Verster

    Jurie Verster

    25 dagen geleden

    Just because of the pathetic choice of the American car, I will not continue to watch

  49. Aaron E

    Aaron E

    25 dagen geleden

    I just love how they picked the PT Cruiser for my home country😂

  50. Michael Clark

    Michael Clark

    25 dagen geleden

    This is stupid af... For 5k there are so much better American cars, I mean fuck who buys a 5k boxster or 300zx those are legit platforms then you represent america with a PT loser, yes I am American however I daily a M3 and have a 570 with dp and tune for a track toy so I am partial to European cars but everyone was 16 at a point and most 16 year old Americans that are into cars with a 5k budget for an American car will go camera or mustang...

  51. Elitsa Georgieva

    Elitsa Georgieva

    26 dagen geleden

    “what we did wrong? “ literally lost time with the roof that didn’t got anything to do with the car speed

  52. JSlice1026


    26 dagen geleden

    Hmmm, why a pt loser instead of an sn95 mustang, or a catfish camaro or trans am ?

  53. Ciaran's Cars & Bikes

    Ciaran's Cars & Bikes

    26 dagen geleden

    I literally watch you three instead of the new top gear

  54. ChxrlieT407 T

    ChxrlieT407 T

    26 dagen geleden

    Pull the handbrake and not the foot brake on the PT!

  55. Adam Simpson

    Adam Simpson

    26 dagen geleden

    What's the song name when Jacks drifting into the cameras?

  56. Michael Cronin

    Michael Cronin

    26 dagen geleden

    The 300 is a beauty.

  57. Rich Revs1

    Rich Revs1

    27 dagen geleden


    • Rich Revs1

      Rich Revs1

      27 dagen geleden

      I retract my previous statement the second I saw it’s an auto… it makes perfect sense of how he found it for so damn cheap. Holy fuck

  58. mds00


    28 dagen geleden

    The shitty American car for the price is about right. In the UK you get a good car for a packet of crisps. Here in Canada, you can just barely get a running car with an interior for $5k.

  59. Asmahan Umer

    Asmahan Umer

    28 dagen geleden

    Would you guys like to turn these cars into track versions by adding extra juices power I mean, it would be interesting content seriously!

  60. YesItsNineInches


    28 dagen geleden

    for me the 300ZX aged really well

  61. ZimmyMTB


    28 dagen geleden

    you'd think that a well-established automotive youtuber would know how to perform a burnout in a fwd car. tried to do a burnout using the brake pedal instead of the e-brake? cars use a front biased braking system, applying more braking to the front than the rear, rendering your fwd burnout efforts futile. unsubscribed.

  62. Adam Hamilton

    Adam Hamilton

    29 dagen geleden

    If I decided on a Chrysler for less than £5k I’d have gone with the 300C 😂 this is funny though

  63. Jamrug


    29 dagen geleden

    Very Top Gearish... I love it, please do more!

  64. PRL Reviews

    PRL Reviews

    29 dagen geleden

    @ 11:33: that look you give your friends when you know your doing some dangerous but their going to love it 🤣🏎💨

  65. PRL Reviews

    PRL Reviews

    29 dagen geleden

    The PT cruiser gear shifter reminds of the days when the only game console I had only contained two buttons and a joystick and we had to plug the game in with red, white, and yellow wires 🤣

  66. PRL Reviews

    PRL Reviews

    29 dagen geleden

    Them: “boxster stands for boxer engine & roadster Me: I thought the tried to name it after the dog 😭

  67. Brendan Schoen

    Brendan Schoen

    29 dagen geleden

    Hold on now, you mustn't use the PT Cruiser as the bar for anything other than how fast you can ruin the reputation of of a car company.

  68. Kevin Mitchell

    Kevin Mitchell

    Maand geleden

    This reminds me on the old top gear except not as vulgar 😂😂

  69. Yuku Hanna Montana

    Yuku Hanna Montana

    Maand geleden

    When I think of a cheap American sports cars I think of the usual suspects, either a mustang or camero but a pt? A very very bold choice but damn if it wasn't the right one. Color me suprised...maybe I'll get one as a fuckaround vehicle lol.

  70. Greenwolf70


    Maand geleden

    Should gotten a crown vic or somthin

    • Greenwolf70


      Maand geleden

      @yasio bolo ikr

    • yasio bolo

      yasio bolo

      Maand geleden

      Maybe it’s because I’m american, but the idea that a PT Cruiser is not the most boring of these cars is nuts

  71. Rock girl

    Rock girl

    Maand geleden

    “This or an imported MX5” Big up to Jack for taking one for the team and dealing with that car just to bring something a bit more unique

  72. Marcello Mori

    Marcello Mori

    Maand geleden

    American: SN-95 Mustang GT European: Porsche Boxster Japanese: Mazda Miata

    • Bogdan Rus

      Bogdan Rus

      Maand geleden

      Miata wouldnt stand a chance it can't drift, it has no power for the drag race. Least you want is an MR2, something with just a little more power to make the challenges somewhat competitive. Maybe a NA 180, but i dont think any clean ones of those exist.

  73. Relevant16


    Maand geleden

    The PT Cruiser is the last thing I would call American.

  74. Kron's Clips

    Kron's Clips

    Maand geleden

    I think this is the real new top gear

    • Rock girl

      Rock girl

      Maand geleden

      Out of All the American cars you picked A PT.why?

  75. benanderson89


    Maand geleden

    I don't care that it's an auto; I'd have that 300ZX in a heartbeat and cruise like fuck everywhere.

  76. Cruz McKenzye

    Cruz McKenzye

    Maand geleden

    I love that Porche!!!

  77. J.T. Rudik

    J.T. Rudik

    Maand geleden

    That pt cruiser looks way more euro stock than American... But first thing he thought was "oh that's merica right there" lol it's like you've never crossed the pond before... Lol

  78. J.T. Rudik

    J.T. Rudik

    Maand geleden

    You guess just can't help shite on American cars can you.... Don't be jealous the world fears American v8s...

  79. Joe Schubert

    Joe Schubert

    Maand geleden

    Sounds like the boxster needs a new water pump soon lol

  80. Kyle Holcomb

    Kyle Holcomb

    Maand geleden

    Should have chosen a old SVT Focus not a PT. Lol

  81. MrFreshman149


    Maand geleden

    Why a PT Cruiser for gods sake😆🙈. There are so many other cars…



    Maand geleden

    That 300 sounds so good.

  83. Tom Robinson

    Tom Robinson

    Maand geleden

    What has Ethan been smoking to consider a PT cruiser train wreck an actual sports car.

  84. soiung toiue

    soiung toiue

    Maand geleden

    Conspiracy theory: Ethan is secretly a car guy pretending to be clueless

  85. Shane Ducholke

    Shane Ducholke

    Maand geleden

    You can get a Turbo PT cruiser for under $5k and the Z300 Jas a 320hp option but you wouldn't get one for under $30k. Both would.destroy the hairdresser boxter

  86. Pat Johnson

    Pat Johnson

    Maand geleden

    Jdm:300zx Euro:Porsche Boxster American:Fuckin Pt cruiser

  87. John Willis

    John Willis

    Maand geleden

    Maybe it’s because I’m american, but the idea that a PT Cruiser is not the most boring of these cars is nuts

    • soiung toiue

      soiung toiue

      Maand geleden

      It’s funny that Jack could could have got a Nissan 350z and a mint condition Celica or even a RX 8

  88. Jordz Northover

    Jordz Northover

    Maand geleden

    Are these guys even into cars😂😂 sounds like they like handbags on wheels

  89. Jonathan Kaufold

    Jonathan Kaufold

    Maand geleden

    Out of All the American cars you picked A PT.why?

  90. Bowser McDonald

    Bowser McDonald

    Maand geleden

    Whatever happened to the Honda prelude project car? I've been waiting for years now and still no mention of it being finished. Come on car throttle you slackers.

  91. M I L A Nミラノ

    M I L A Nミラノ

    Maand geleden


  92. Hex Core

    Hex Core

    Maand geleden

    the greenscreen is so obvious tis uncomfortable

  93. GetMe OuttaHere

    GetMe OuttaHere

    Maand geleden

    The PT cruiser though... Why? I can't think of a worse choice in that era of cars.

  94. Duster Buster

    Duster Buster

    Maand geleden

    A pt cruiser is not a sports car they could have used so many other cars I mean damn use the HHR SS if you go that way at least that can keep up

  95. 12 5.0 Luna

    12 5.0 Luna

    Maand geleden

    In what universe is the PT cruiser a sports car??..garbage comparison 💩💩

  96. El Dios

    El Dios

    Maand geleden

    Bro that turd better be srt4

  97. Ramy Fal

    Ramy Fal

    Maand geleden

    choppy choppyyy

  98. Steven Foster

    Steven Foster

    Maand geleden

    This pisses me off I don't understand how these people can take a PT Cruiser and call it a sports car it's a CRUISER calling it a sports car is an insult to all sports cars not just American made ones. And yes I disliked the video without even watching it for that fact alone

  99. Minifan101


    Maand geleden

    It’s funny that Jack could could have got a Nissan 350z and a mint condition Celica or even a RX 8

  100. one shot

    one shot

    Maand geleden

    Me expecting the American car to be a 2003 mustang and sees that shitbox 😔