Buying A Stolen BMW | Your Car Stories (feat. Mike Brewer)

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In this week's Car Throttle Podcast, we're joined by Wheeler Dealers' very own Mike Brewer to discuss your car stories, unpopular opinions and cool first cars!

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  1. Toto Iza

    Toto Iza

    2 dagen geleden

    Mike it's only not looks like good guy .. it's a true Nice car guy

  2. Ben Griffiths

    Ben Griffiths

    Maand geleden

    I agree! Car Throttle is a car channel for petrol heads that see the fun in shit boxes and cars that have character. Top Gear, yes its good but over the top with sports cars. Down to earth and brilliant = Car Throttle.

  3. gary gritter

    gary gritter

    Maand geleden

    Lotus Cortina, what a car, my grandads got a lotus & my dad has a GT 4 door

  4. nuttcase1uk


    4 maanden geleden

    I call bullshit on the Afganistan story, no footage, ok mate sure ....

  5. Smashy Rashy

    Smashy Rashy

    4 maanden geleden

    alex knows fuck all about cars only a tiny bit more than ethan and he acts like hes king its a joke

  6. Star Pillars

    Star Pillars

    4 maanden geleden


  7. RaiderOfTheLost


    5 maanden geleden

    Ethan... put on some fucking socks...

  8. ZE4LE


    5 maanden geleden

    i own a 120 E82 bmw,,, never once have i thought it was ugly!!! (not biased tho coz ive only owned it 3 weeks)

  9. Teribus13


    6 maanden geleden

    How the courts managed to make a handling stolen goods charge stick against the guy who bought the BMW is beyond me. I mean, yeah, we all know the courts in the UK are corrupt, but that's bullshit even for a UK court!

  10. Nah


    6 maanden geleden

    Mike is such a nice guy

  11. Alister Voltaire

    Alister Voltaire

    6 maanden geleden

    The copper was a bit rough doing him for no insurance as well as taking the car.

  12. Mike Haran

    Mike Haran

    6 maanden geleden

    Alex your voice was made for the silver screen 1910 era ;-)

  13. IAmYaDa


    7 maanden geleden

    Sorry guy love Mike's point about classic cars but don't you generally have to be over 25 to get classic insurance?

  14. Kyle B

    Kyle B

    7 maanden geleden

    A. You need to be 21 to apply for classic car insurance B. 924 is insurable for a 17-year old I did it recently C. A series is uninsurable for people under 25 D. A 986 is ludicrous to insure

  15. wen moon

    wen moon

    8 maanden geleden

    Wheeler dealers “most watched car show”..... no

  16. callum crook

    callum crook

    8 maanden geleden

    You guys need to do some stuff on hgvs and trucks there actually very interesting

  17. the daily shaver!

    the daily shaver!

    8 maanden geleden

    0:03 Lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. Nathan Shutes

    Nathan Shutes

    9 maanden geleden

    Loved this. I'm a huge fan of Mike, what a great guy.

  19. MTC Car

    MTC Car

    9 maanden geleden

  20. majorchronic 4life

    majorchronic 4life

    9 maanden geleden

    Mike's face when ethan Says he loves the street ka 🤢 truly sickened!

  21. A. AL

    A. AL

    9 maanden geleden

    You must be desperate to pluck out this dinosaur relic chubby Brown lookalike and stick him in your show, why why why would you ruin it all? 😫

  22. ChaosZombie999


    10 maanden geleden

    Can we add the Shelby GT350 to that future classic list? They just ended production of it this year..

  23. Jonathan M.

    Jonathan M.

    10 maanden geleden

    This is so unlucky!! Tbh he's lucky that handling stolen goods wasn't pursued the full nine yards!

  24. neil walsh

    neil walsh

    10 maanden geleden

    Mike Brewer telling an 18 year old to buy a Boxster for just 5 grand and put it on a classic policy is utter bollocks. Firstly you can easily pick one up for 3 grand but which classic policy company will touch anyone under 25 years old? The man's full of shit!!!

    • neil walsh

      neil walsh

      10 maanden geleden

      @Harry Fenwick I agree that it's cheaper, that's not my point. I'm not aware of any classic policies that will cover people under 25?

    • Harry Fenwick

      Harry Fenwick

      10 maanden geleden

      Classic insurance is cheaper thank you think mate hahahah

  25. mick ladd

    mick ladd

    11 maanden geleden

    Mike is a cool guy to watch but he took Wheeler dealer and destroyed it ant is cool just not the same no more Maybe you guys can make something Similar and try again You have potential to hit the jackpot we have lost top gear nothing to watch anymore 😁

  26. Nikk


    11 maanden geleden

    *I'm just here because of Mike* I see Wheeler Dealers Mike, I Click

  27. Blue motion

    Blue motion

    11 maanden geleden

    can we petition to have Mike as a "usual" guest on the podcast every now and then? he's such a fun and knowledgeable guy!

  28. Lee Fall

    Lee Fall

    Jaar geleden

    Rather own a PT Cruiser over a Fiat Multipla

  29. Shan B

    Shan B

    Jaar geleden

    anyone got the timestamp for the classic car discussion?

  30. Jimi Kivilompolo

    Jimi Kivilompolo

    Jaar geleden

    yeah mike from the wheeler dealers im a big fan :D

  31. Shudda Fukkup

    Shudda Fukkup

    Jaar geleden

    I own a Crossfire and I think it’s fine. No way is the SLK (which I have also owned) is a better looking car. Sorry Mike, but everyone is entitled to their opinion

  32. Chris Hughes

    Chris Hughes

    Jaar geleden

    Podcast is brilliant these days

  33. mark young

    mark young

    Jaar geleden

    I have met Mike at a car show and he is a genuinely nice guys

  34. Finesse Finesse

    Finesse Finesse

    Jaar geleden

    A 'Street Kayay'... Ugh. Makes me cringe every time I hear someone pronounce it like that. It's pronounced 'Kak'.

  35. JYT_MiNi06


    Jaar geleden

    Guys you need to look up the smart roadster lol. That's a awsome first car I had one. Loved every minuit of it and want to have a other one in future

  36. MrTophes


    Jaar geleden

    Guys Guys Guys, Hold up.... big fan of a ford street KA..... in the adverts and what not, its called the Ford KAH.... like.... car..... Street KAH.. Just sayin.....

  37. Lewis Backholer

    Lewis Backholer

    Jaar geleden

    Mike my wife luves vans

  38. Udaybir Singh

    Udaybir Singh

    Jaar geleden

    Broken silvia youtube channel has builded a dream r34 skyline from wreck and made an ultimate series of poor man's GTR. ..go subscribe broken silvia

  39. El Casho

    El Casho

    Jaar geleden

    Nice garage!

  40. Posidon Entertainment Company

    Posidon Entertainment Company

    Jaar geleden

    I once heard a phrase I find undeniably true. "No sane person goes out of their way to buy a PT cruiser, they just sort of appear under people's names."

  41. lee nevin

    lee nevin

    Jaar geleden

    mike's fat like my dad is

  42. Joost Wasbauer

    Joost Wasbauer

    Jaar geleden

    Mike Brewer reminds me of Jabba the Hutt.

  43. YungBailey


    Jaar geleden

    Well done boys keep it up love your videos

  44. Rival


    Jaar geleden

    I noticed that 3 of the mics used are Rode Podmics. I have this mic i was wondering if theres a certain set of levels you used or plugin on whatever sofware you used? Mine sounds quite muddy and too much bass.

  45. Kiril Filchev

    Kiril Filchev

    Jaar geleden

    When the guy with the first car asked them, I thought about audi tt mk1...

  46. Jairo Leal

    Jairo Leal

    Jaar geleden

    Great podcast

  47. License & Registration Show

    License & Registration Show

    Jaar geleden

    Great show gents!

  48. Alex Baker

    Alex Baker

    Jaar geleden

    When will we see an "Old out yer aaaand" t-shirt on the CT shop?

  49. NatureXwars


    Jaar geleden

    That's just unreasonably unforgiving of that cop, & by extension their traffic laws... People make small mistakes such as this one & they couldn't let him off with a warning & a reimbursement of the car that he paid for? I would sue the seller for getting him into the mess.

  50. YouTuber Person

    YouTuber Person

    Jaar geleden

    Do I like Do I like this?...........yes

  51. Euan Sanderson

    Euan Sanderson

    Jaar geleden

    First car? Porsche Boxter, £5k. Ah yes. Cheap and affordable. Really???

  52. James Green

    James Green

    Jaar geleden

    Opinion on used car warranties, guard X and gap insurance. Always upsold at car dealerships?

  53. Jacob Howell

    Jacob Howell

    Jaar geleden

    Best first car for a petrolhead, ignis sport or panda 100hp. 👍🏼 Boxster, NO WAY.

  54. James Wingrove

    James Wingrove

    Jaar geleden

    Mike really does seem to be a genuinely nice bloke who’s obviously done very well in life. And I’d love to see him on the channel more, as and when he actually has the time to get involved!

  55. john brogan

    john brogan

    Jaar geleden

    Stop singing, please.

  56. MrDngrsdave


    Jaar geleden

    Wait how could he be charged with handling stolen goods if he unknowingly bought a stolen car?? Seems like theres more to the story...

  57. ch428


    Jaar geleden

    Why does jack always dress like a lonely bisexual

  58. Billythebubble


    Jaar geleden

    Replacement to top clear.....I said several months ago new top gear hosts in the making

  59. Peesh


    Jaar geleden

    I have a Honda Jazz Me and my mates call it the Zonda Razz because it's obviously a rocket..

  60. Luke Larlus

    Luke Larlus

    Jaar geleden

    Love this podcast! Great peeps great chat. Shall be tuning in again

  61. gigglebob69


    Jaar geleden

    Left Coast Classics lol

  62. TrippyDrew


    Jaar geleden

    "Rocket launcher?" "HOLD OUT YER AAAAAND!!" Legend.

  63. Nathan Rock

    Nathan Rock

    Jaar geleden

    13:30 BMW story

  64. realLestarte


    Jaar geleden

    The German part was funny :) (I am German). But could you please maybe insert images of bespoke cars in the video on occasion (like Doug deMuro does it for example). Otherwise one would had to open a browser in parallel and do a research (on some models).

  65. Car Obsession

    Car Obsession

    Jaar geleden

    Loved Mike's comments about the PT Cruiser 😂Also, I'd love to see Mike and Alex do a bargain hunt style challenge.

  66. Nicolaie c

    Nicolaie c

    Jaar geleden

    Alex sounds like Eric Cartman when he sings his singles

  67. Saawan Jethwa

    Saawan Jethwa

    Jaar geleden

    Mike's advice for young drivers to drive classic cars is spot on. I did exactly that through the ages of 19-22 and was driving some decent cars compared to a lot of friends and colleagues.

  68. Michael Sylvester

    Michael Sylvester

    Jaar geleden

    These 3 guys could be the next generation of top gear

  69. Jamal Tyrone

    Jamal Tyrone

    Jaar geleden

    What do people think of the hideous Nissan Juke? The Nissan Puke if you will... ^_^

  70. Michael Slater

    Michael Slater

    Jaar geleden

    Smash the like button for Car Throttle Bargain hunt, could do teams and everything has to happen!

  71. FDE94T


    Jaar geleden

    Five grand budget for a first car! How out of touch is he?!!

  72. MC Garage

    MC Garage

    Jaar geleden

    I can't be the only one that started looking for deals on my local marketplace after this video🤣🤣

  73. The Happy Misogynist

    The Happy Misogynist

    Jaar geleden

    the guy with the stolen bmw should have went to court

  74. Stephen Campbell

    Stephen Campbell

    Jaar geleden

    I passed my test in 2009 after been driving illegally for 9 years and served a few jail sentences for driving offences. I passed my test in Feb 2009, I bought a Hyundai Lantra Estate 1.6 litre on a 97 plate for £91 on ebay down in a place called Stanford Le Hope in Essex. I insured it, got the trains down from Sunderland by hiding from the ticket inspecters. Since found out I could of got the Megabus to London for £1.90. Drove it home and it drove fine. Got back home and as soon as I pulled off the A1 onto the A690 towards Sunderland. I got pulled over by the police at 9.56pm. My insurance wasnt due to start until 10pm. I didnt lose the car as by time they finished with me, I was insured and they had better things to do than arrange a recovery truck. Got back in my car and the starter motor gone. The police helped push start my car. I just parked on a hill for the next 8 months until MOT ran out. Filling up was fun at 5 litres a time in a petrol can. Few months later, I scrapped my car and got an N reg Polo 1.0 litre 5 door. I then had to go to court for no insurance. Due to my past at the time of serving too much time for silly driving offences in prison. Instead of being magistrates dealing with me. It was a district judge, and she turned out to be quite fair. She given me the choice of her giving me £300 fine and 6 points for an IN10 on top of my 8 points already on my new license which will give me a 2 year driving ban and a retest, or £300 fine, no points, and a 28 day discretionary ban. I took the latter but she wasnt impressed when I asked if I can drive home from the court. She decided to set the start date of the ban a day later. The very day after I came down with swine flu so I spent most of my ban in bed. Although, I did get caught on my very last day of ban by a copper that locked me up a few times before that. I told him I thought my ban was up and given me the benefit of the doubt and told me to go home and park up until midnight. I been out of trouble since 2007 mostly. Although I spent a little bit of time in prison over last christmas for none driving related offences. I am now training to be a probation officer.

  75. Steven Klein

    Steven Klein

    Jaar geleden

    Mike brewer is awesome I would love to see you all in a podcast with Jeremy Clarkson Richard Hammond and James may

  76. Oscar Tejura

    Oscar Tejura

    Jaar geleden

    An original rs4 gonna b a classic

  77. T Mather14

    T Mather14

    Jaar geleden

    13:01, I'm pretty sure Mike gets their names mixed up slightly

  78. hambo747


    Jaar geleden

    I'm on my first car which is a 1998 RAV4 and I absolutely love it to bits.

  79. larponty


    Jaar geleden

    the jingles sound like Cartman out of South Park!

  80. J J

    J J

    Jaar geleden

    £5000, most people older than 17 couldn't come up with that. Out of touch.

  81. yugiranger


    Jaar geleden

    R50 MINI 100% modern classic. It even had a feature in mini world magazine.

  82. Nick Clark

    Nick Clark

    Jaar geleden

    I have a 2012 Honda jazz 1.2 as a 42 year old male . I love it !!

  83. Dan lacey

    Dan lacey

    Jaar geleden

    I think we need a camera for Ethan and jack because we only see the back of their heads



    Jaar geleden

    Get Edd China in here!

  85. Elias Ritchie

    Elias Ritchie

    Jaar geleden


  86. Austin Cullen

    Austin Cullen

    Jaar geleden

    love the car chats lads, great content

  87. Pete Moring

    Pete Moring

    Jaar geleden

    I thought I heard Mike say his Dad was into the Hot-Rods?? .... The #PTcruiser slips very nicely into that Genre` .... and the 'Chrysler Crossfire' is definitely one for the Future as well (looks very much like the Merc) I reckon he's inflicted a bit of 'Reverse Psychology' on the REST of us because HE wants to buy UP as many as POSSIBLE, STORE them, and Cash-In ££££££'s BIG-TIME on the back of them ....... He's not as DAFT as he looks ya know ;-)

  88. Jaklas 1979

    Jaklas 1979

    Jaar geleden

    When Mike was in school and was asked what he wanted to do when he got older and replied play with cars the Teacher was going to punish him with a back of a ruler so he said to Mike "Hold out your hand" and that's where he got his catchphrase from True Story

  89. Rocknrolla


    Jaar geleden

    👏👏👏 class show guys ... I wanna hear more about Jack and the Royal Mail vehicle ..I seen this video and I was like wtf was the car driver doing to end up there ?? 🤔 ✌️

  90. andyjamess


    Jaar geleden

    43:47 Instead of a herd of Crossfires I think we shouls use the name from a group of wildcats. A destruction.... lol



    Jaar geleden

    Who else was waiting for Edd China to be mentioned?

  92. Leeroy brown

    Leeroy brown

    Jaar geleden

    Bullshit brewer 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  93. LeahAnn Lafemmebear Music Mitchell

    LeahAnn Lafemmebear Music Mitchell

    Jaar geleden

    That police officer who took the bmw dude license was a dick but i guess most of them are sooooo not surprised...that was fucked up

  94. Vroom Paa

    Vroom Paa

    Jaar geleden

    I lost my respect for Mike when he said a Focus St will be a classic 🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮

  95. TheGamingChoob


    Jaar geleden

    Holy shit it was Jack being pushed by the truck thats great

  96. KapteinFruit


    Jaar geleden

    I really enjoyed this. :) Watching this made the start of my day, a good start.

  97. reuinlow883R


    Jaar geleden

    What about the production team that saw to the PT Cruiser through the production line? Cock punch the team too?

  98. andrew johnson

    andrew johnson

    Jaar geleden


  99. Fed Up

    Fed Up

    Jaar geleden

    VW up With my 17 year old son with me and wife on insurance clean licences £4000 shocking.

  100. Aiden Cameron

    Aiden Cameron

    Jaar geleden

    After watching this, I realised that my opinion on Mike was completely unfounded. Nice guy with loads of great stories.