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In this week's Car Throttle Podcast, we're joined by Car Throttle's resident mechanic, Gareth Potter, to discuss your car stories, unpopular opinions and crash stories!
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  1. 19blondmoshhead95


    5 maanden geleden

    surprised no one asked alex why did the chicken cross the road XD

  2. OLI170


    5 maanden geleden

    Pops and bangs on an actual tuned race car like a rally blaster is friggin lush.. but when it is as you say just programmed to dump fuel into the exhaust.. well that's just cack

  3. vonpupees


    8 maanden geleden

    why did the chicken cross the road?

  4. MTC Car

    MTC Car

    9 maanden geleden


  5. miserablecherry


    9 maanden geleden

    ethans mike is so boomy!

  6. TMogg Mogotsi

    TMogg Mogotsi

    10 maanden geleden

    20 minutes describes something that happened to me with my aunt's Hyundai i20....due to some amazing understeer

  7. dave matthews

    dave matthews

    10 maanden geleden

    A few of my mates uses to work at the local vag dealership as valeters and as it turns out that dealer had as least ten pairs of new not even registered (i.e. no number plate) that were clones as in matching vin numbers from car to car in there car vault....

  8. Paddling Matlock Michael davies

    Paddling Matlock Michael davies

    10 maanden geleden

    Pops and bangs are s**t! Anti social waste of space. Scares war veterens and has awful consequences on peoples mental health. Should be banned.

  9. Mohammed Shah Aziz

    Mohammed Shah Aziz

    10 maanden geleden

    Gareth can I have the m4 bumper plz for my m430i

  10. Sammy


    11 maanden geleden

    7:39 for the topic in the title. No disrespect guys :)

  11. mikenco


    Jaar geleden

    Alex needs to lose these two . He's in the upper league, they're not.

  12. Kris Nicholson

    Kris Nicholson

    Jaar geleden

    Has Gareth given up on exercise? He put a few chickens away, the fat bastard!

    • Kris Nicholson

      Kris Nicholson

      Jaar geleden

      @G S W i did? When?

  13. Josh Merrick

    Josh Merrick

    Jaar geleden

    I totally agree with you about pops and bangs. There's a guy in my village with an astra vxr who LOVES to rag his car down the road at 11pm and lift off just outside the row of houses where I live. The car sounds like a wet fart followed by an ak47 and it wakes my 1 year old daughter up, she then won't go back to sleep until gone mid night. Not great when you're up for work at 4:30am

  14. Lbnewell 23

    Lbnewell 23

    Jaar geleden

    I thought Alex was gonna say Gareth’s attention span is even shorter than me. But he said than mine and I was slightly disappointed

  15. Santosh Sookgrim

    Santosh Sookgrim

    Jaar geleden

    I had an inkling that Gareth was South African - you can still hear it a little in his accent. And yes obviously the jeans and sandals

  16. Jigsjigz


    Jaar geleden

    The M4, Its red... thats why.

  17. Sam Court

    Sam Court

    Jaar geleden

    Pops and bangs are silly....very, very silly. My car does it from time to time, but only in sport mode so it’s easy to not do it around town. The DSG fart is pretty bloody annoying too.

  18. crazycali


    Jaar geleden

    Ethan's gain is way too high

  19. Stefan Morris

    Stefan Morris

    Jaar geleden

    the mercedes dealership near where i live have a habit of forgetting to put jacks and pumps in the car, even if it is brand new. quite a pain when there is a model petrol rc car wedged under a GLC



    Jaar geleden

    if one really want's to go fast dont use/get a car or motorcycle , get a plane they are really fast! + no speed limits above 10000 feet :) and prices start from prices that match ferrari-lambo's and so on and up

  21. Jordon E

    Jordon E

    Jaar geleden

    Hate pops and bangs. Cringey and embarrassing

  22. ilove2playtoo


    Jaar geleden


  23. Engelbert Humperdinck

    Engelbert Humperdinck

    Jaar geleden

    Its funny how Ethan has the dildo mic lol

  24. Blake Lawrence

    Blake Lawrence

    Jaar geleden

    Pops and bangs: depends on the car, ie on an f-type love it on a fart can civic hate it

  25. Abc 123

    Abc 123

    Jaar geleden

    Best car ive ever experienced: Ariel Atom V8 on a trackday. That thing is great

  26. alex billing

    alex billing

    Jaar geleden

    Alex you massive hypocrite, can i remind you about your rx8 pops and bangs. Tut tut.

  27. niroshani Bogasdeniya

    niroshani Bogasdeniya

    Jaar geleden

    I own 2 rx7

  28. Stan gaat er voor

    Stan gaat er voor

    Jaar geleden


  29. Stan gaat er voor

    Stan gaat er voor

    Jaar geleden


  30. Stan gaat er voor

    Stan gaat er voor

    Jaar geleden


  31. Stan gaat er voor

    Stan gaat er voor

    Jaar geleden

    My Favorite car is phill and The VolksWagen Beetle. # DONT SELL PHILL

  32. T1NY


    Jaar geleden

    Best 1 yet!

  33. Nicolae-Ștefan Curpaș

    Nicolae-Ștefan Curpaș

    Jaar geleden

    Romanian police is indeed relaxed, chances are you'll get pulled over for doing under the speed limit at night as who's doing this is usually pissed

  34. Glen Ashton

    Glen Ashton

    Jaar geleden

    I've got a MK2 Focus ST and when i had it mapped last year I asked for the over run add on and while it can be a laugh, f*ck me it's annoying, especially when you're hammering it in low gears but high in the revs adjusting the throttle and all you hear is gun shots all the time (the bangs activate after 3500rpm). It's coming off in a few days time thank god, it lasted 14 months but i'm hearing too many 1 litre Fiestas with it and i just think wow it sounds so shit 😂 I agree it sounds so artifical as well 🤮

  35. Andrew Taylor

    Andrew Taylor

    Jaar geleden

    Radio controlled car you say #radio controlled challenge. Full sized car??

  36. DARYL MT


    Jaar geleden


  37. Will S21

    Will S21

    Jaar geleden

    Pops and bangs are from the factory on my F56 Mini Cooper S. However what I extremely dislike is the FesT’s, with a decat, in a fast food related car park just going nyyyyaaaaannnnnnnBAANGnnnnnnn (repeat) like just get in the bin

  38. The SiulMania

    The SiulMania

    Jaar geleden

    Does anyone remember that other guy that made the videos at the beginning of the channel

  39. Andy Aitken

    Andy Aitken

    Jaar geleden

    Gareth may be a great mechanic, may drive an M4 but he loses his man card for those lame ass, stupid looking sandals. They are women’s shoes!🤣

  40. achedrick1


    Jaar geleden

    Having been a technician at multiple dealerships managing the used car inventory check overs and work. I’ve seen a lot of shady shit. I can promise you one thing, no dealership gives a damn about you, their employees or anything else that isn’t their own pocket or their own appearance. Seen countless instances or them doing their best to make sure a car lasts 30 days before a problem shows itself, that way it’ll then be out of their warranty and will be covered by the used car warranty we sell with every car. Or almost every car. I wish I had the time to write down everything shady I’ve seen and usually had to do. The industry as a whole is terrible for technicians. Having almost 50k in tools just to show up here in the USA to show up to work on the morning to deal with asshole salesmen and service advisors who are better paid, even though there’s no training tools or education involved in their jobs. I was making almost 6 figures at one point working 90 hours a week. But those days have long gone. Anything you do to make money they will continually cut the labor time, or cap the hourly pay for certain jobs because they want you to leave so they can hire someone else who they can pay $10 a hour to throw parts at cars and hope they manage to fix them. It’s a **** industry and it’s hard to find good dealerships anymore in the US who care about their employees.

  41. ar1g3


    Jaar geleden

    How is Adnan not their colleague anymore? Did he leave CT?

  42. aalsadhan88


    Jaar geleden

    where is the ute ?

  43. Derek GA

    Derek GA

    Jaar geleden

    I’m confused Maybe I’m late to the party and missed something but who makes the money from car throttle NLid channel, it’s got 2.5 million followers the videos do huge numbers but the lads are always talking about having no money and just come across as blokes with low paying jobs

    • Derek GA

      Derek GA

      Jaar geleden

      That’s my question, who gets the money

    • Derek GA

      Derek GA

      Jaar geleden

      It’s a weird one

    • aria rose

      aria rose

      Jaar geleden

      I think they have quite a large team behind the scenes, if I'm not mistaken - I'd suspect there's at least 6/7 of them overall. that being said, not sure about that one.

  44. Karl Hakk

    Karl Hakk

    Jaar geleden

    Hey, if you guys would like to review a different car channel, SmotraTV would be pretty cool.

  45. Radio 390 Red Sands

    Radio 390 Red Sands

    Jaar geleden

    Guys, please have a whip around and buy Gareth some shoes !!! . It makes me cringe seeing him working on cars wearing- those disgusting action sandals. Not exactly very professional either, is it?

  46. Severin Performance

    Severin Performance

    Jaar geleden

    Pops and bangs really depends, doesn't it. When coming from an 8 year old Golf gti with a tired dsg box, it's just ridicolous. When coming from a C63 amg with factory fitted performance exhaust, I'm smiling like a little kid

  47. SirTommothy


    Jaar geleden

    what about the spacestar that you took offroading

  48. Ironhide Autobot

    Ironhide Autobot

    Jaar geleden

    Natural pops and bangs are great, my RX-8 with a decat is lovely just 1 or 2 pops and some little flames. But programmed machine gun fire is horrible and unnecessary

  49. connor mcdermott

    connor mcdermott

    Jaar geleden

    am I the only one who's getting stressed at the missing socket behind them haha

  50. Schmidy _03

    Schmidy _03

    Jaar geleden

    Pops and bangs, meh can be alright, a V8 crackle is just bliss. 2step and bouncing limiter is just infuriating and cringey, a feel the pain of a motor at limiter

  51. Matthew Saunders

    Matthew Saunders

    Jaar geleden

    Is Ethan underwater?

  52. Simon


    Jaar geleden

    When does Jack get a laptop? Has he not got enough time in yet?

  53. Joseph Gyde

    Joseph Gyde

    Jaar geleden

    great podcast

  54. Jack bayliss

    Jack bayliss

    Jaar geleden

    Can someone please buy Jack a laptop

  55. DylanTheVillain


    Jaar geleden

    How’s Phil the MX5 doing?

  56. mmmbilly


    Jaar geleden

    Could not agree more about Pops and Bangs...just makes be think of Higuysimschmee....nursing a semi as he smashes though the gears for no reason at all on a motorway, giggling like a twat.

  57. Matthew Bonner

    Matthew Bonner

    Jaar geleden

    Bit light on jingles this week Alex. Sort it out

  58. Stewart M D

    Stewart M D

    Jaar geleden

    Pops n bangs no no no....!

  59. Mark Wright

    Mark Wright

    Jaar geleden

    When pops and bangs maps are just done, as Alex says, artificially then I agree, utter rubbish, but if they're the result of actual performance tuning, anti-lag like that seen in late 90's early 00's, it's cool all day long.

  60. Mark Wright

    Mark Wright

    Jaar geleden

    Having a fast car is not pointless in the UK. You can self teach advanced driving techniques like those taught by RoSPA then police training videos to know how to make progress on public roads safely then ignore the numbers the government like to paint on signs when conditions enable it (as you'd learn from the training videos) (at your own risk, I'm not recommending it). If you have an honest view of your driving ability and you should be able to make significant progress safely.

  61. wildbill Kennedy

    wildbill Kennedy

    Jaar geleden

    Really need to see a living with a modified lifted pick up please

  62. Mark Wright

    Mark Wright

    Jaar geleden

    I was expecting the Huracan Performante as well. Someone smack Ethan JUST A CAR!? flaming plonker of a muppet hasn't he learned anything

  63. Achmad Anuari Fahram

    Achmad Anuari Fahram

    Jaar geleden

    2 guys 1 car season 4 please

  64. alan buckingham

    alan buckingham

    Jaar geleden

    Gareth needs help. His beard has slipped down his face.

  65. Aizaz Rehman

    Aizaz Rehman

    Jaar geleden

    I have to agree with Jack with pops and bangs while driving

  66. Miguel Ciobanu AVisao

    Miguel Ciobanu AVisao

    Jaar geleden

    Garret wtf bro what happend to you? Where this all fat came from? Dude hit the gym...

  67. Ride The Redline

    Ride The Redline

    Jaar geleden

    Pops and bangs are disgusting Natural backfires and flames from actual performance cars (not mapped in) are cool

  68. Jon


    Jaar geleden

    another 37 minutes of my life wasted

  69. Mark McGarret

    Mark McGarret

    Jaar geleden

    Holy shit Garrett got fatttt

  70. Brendon Lindsay

    Brendon Lindsay

    Jaar geleden

    Hate artificial pops and bangs. A couple of my 60+ cars would do one massive pop on full bore upshifts - sometimes with flames that looked amazing at night. 😁

  71. Jaheim


    Jaar geleden

    ethan need a poster check

  72. Ollie Bonugli

    Ollie Bonugli

    Jaar geleden

    Fiestas and focuses and golfs etc that sit there popping and banging 🤮

  73. Mark Ridgway

    Mark Ridgway

    Jaar geleden

    Why is Ethan's microphone different to the other three?

  74. CookieGuy97


    Jaar geleden

    I was shot in the neck with a paintball by the safety instructor, that hurt. His words moments before he shot me "don't shoot above the shoulders"

  75. pnilz


    Jaar geleden

    Get Richard Hammond on the show already so we can see who is shortest of him and Alex.

  76. YouRedix


    Jaar geleden

    Ethan, would you be so kind to use the same type of microphone as the rest of the people? When I turn up my speakers loud enough to clearly hear the car people talk, your subdued voice becomes unbearably boomy and loud. I swear my speakers are calibrated as well as they can be.

  77. Connor Cunningham

    Connor Cunningham

    Jaar geleden

    Ethans mic is the only one that actually sounds good

  78. Thomas Allen

    Thomas Allen

    Jaar geleden

    Ethans mic sounds terrible

  79. Connor Cunningham

    Connor Cunningham

    Jaar geleden

    Is it just me or is the audio slightly off putting? I love the podcast but the audio in this makes it slightly annoying

  80. josh_dixon95


    Jaar geleden

    You had me until the pop and bang maps... I think a car sounds just empty without them or a bit of decel. It makes cars sound a lot more aggressive and more like rally cars, which is always a good vibe (as long as the car has power to back it up lol)

  81. Ricky Dub

    Ricky Dub

    Jaar geleden

    Strong words from Gareth: perfect sense 👌

  82. Evan Enright

    Evan Enright

    Jaar geleden

    I think pops and bangs can suit some cars once they are subtle pops and bangs and the car has the performance to match. But when it's in a car with no performance and just sounds like a fart can then it's definitely a no from me

  83. Kaveet Mehta

    Kaveet Mehta

    Jaar geleden

    What happened to Adnan?

  84. UDontKnoAThing


    Jaar geleden

    This is boring to watch ...

  85. Marc Henning

    Marc Henning

    Jaar geleden

    Figured he was a south African just cant decide which province he is from. Either Natal or the Cape.

  86. Scott Maloney

    Scott Maloney

    Jaar geleden

    Ethans driving/car knowledge is the equivalent to the bounty’s left in a box of celebrations

  87. James Day

    James Day

    Jaar geleden

    ‘What really goes on at car dealerships’ - one story that was just a story and not any actual info about what goes on behind closed doors. We want to know the actual behind the scenes stuff of what the dealerships don’t want us to know

  88. Mark cbay

    Mark cbay

    Jaar geleden

    What really happens at car dealerships ,that's easy you get ripped off

  89. Paul B

    Paul B

    Jaar geleden

    Pops and bangs from a properly tuned car so only does it occasionally when it’s driven hard and exhaust is hot its good . But the remapped in pops and bangs are awful

  90. Guest 22113

    Guest 22113

    Jaar geleden

    Gamers *sees thumbnail Gamers: First time?

  91. Yanick Lange

    Yanick Lange

    Jaar geleden

    I thought alexs favourite driving experience would be phil

  92. imran ali

    imran ali

    Jaar geleden

    For me if a car pops and bangs its dependant on why. Is it a genuine pop due to how the engine naturally runs then its pretty cool. If its a fake programmed fart thats made to be almost an on off switch then its a no from me. I drive a rx8 which other than a invidia cat back is entirely stock. I admit I get the occasional bang but its not fake so i find it fun

  93. MostlyWeed


    Jaar geleden

    Lekker boet, I recognised that SA accent immediately.

  94. King Whispa

    King Whispa

    Jaar geleden

    @15:34 thought the same car as Ethan !!

  95. PPC4


    Jaar geleden

    I completely agree with unpopular opinion. Unless you do trackdays.... As for pops and bangs i have to say i like them but then i'm a rally fan.

  96. Tom Gibbo

    Tom Gibbo

    Jaar geleden

    Ethan is definitely hinting that he wants the street ka that you’re doing with autoglym.

  97. Ki Bradders

    Ki Bradders

    Jaar geleden

    8 weeks ago i bought (from what i understand) the last running Rover Streetwise S in the country. It makes pops and bangs.....but that's due to either a damaged cylinder, faulty spark plugs or dodgy plug wiring. P.S. recently did an oil change and filter change....discovered my streetwise still had the original oil filter from factory (16 year old car btw)

    • Henry Hill

      Henry Hill

      Jaar geleden


  98. walker22949


    Jaar geleden

    Ethan needs to social distance from the microphone a little bit more

  99. Paul Yeung

    Paul Yeung

    Jaar geleden

    That dealer story is too good hahah!

  100. The sword88

    The sword88

    Jaar geleden

    ferrair ☺

    • Henry Hill

      Henry Hill

      Jaar geleden