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In the first Car Throttle podcast, Alex, Ethan and Jack discuss your stories, talk about failed driving tests and reveal what really happens at car dealerships...

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  1. YungBailey


    Maand geleden

    Re watching all the podcast till they make the new ones

  2. Techjunkie68's Music and Tech

    Techjunkie68's Music and Tech

    4 maanden geleden

    I passed my theory with 50/50 and high score on hazard perception, yet I fail my practical five times, passed on my 6th attempt!

  3. Art Vandelay

    Art Vandelay

    4 maanden geleden

    Derrick Rake. Brilliant

  4. Felix Müller

    Felix Müller

    7 maanden geleden

    My brother actually failed his theory test about 7 times, then gave up on his car license...

  5. boneav83


    8 maanden geleden

    Boom, i also passed with 3 minors, but first time for both my theory and test, back in 2005

  6. Greg Gillham

    Greg Gillham

    8 maanden geleden

    Salesman learn a lesson. Stay out of the workshop. Call a mechanic and let him fetch the car. Stay in your lane.

  7. MTC Car

    MTC Car

    9 maanden geleden

  8. Penny Smith

    Penny Smith

    11 maanden geleden

    My mate failed his driving test 6 times before he passed!

  9. MadIIMike


    11 maanden geleden

    I have test anxiety (dunno if it's the english wording for it) and failed the theory the first time, then I decided to take a Jägermeister before the test and it worked... on the practical test as well - the only time in my life I was actually driving with alcohol in my blood, since I usually don't drink at all. xD

  10. Sam Henshall

    Sam Henshall

    Jaar geleden

    i think that you should do a video fully related to questioning ethan about cars

  11. Saeglopur89


    Jaar geleden

    Ethan please don't 'click' with tongue every few moments 😭

  12. Sam Betts

    Sam Betts

    Jaar geleden

    They should be the new top gear presenters

  13. JB's Cars

    JB's Cars

    Jaar geleden

    My dad took five attempts to pass his driving test.

  14. Andy Genner

    Andy Genner

    Jaar geleden

    Past all my tests first time (car, bus, class 2 and class 1) except for class 2

  15. Andy Genner

    Andy Genner

    Jaar geleden

    Why is it when Alex does a jingle I picture Eric cartman from South park

  16. Steven Klein

    Steven Klein

    Jaar geleden

    Only petrol heads will agree if I get asked who do you choose your car or your girlfriend !!! Easy answer the car every time !!!!

  17. Ford Club GB Media group

    Ford Club GB Media group

    Jaar geleden

    top show guys

  18. Kris P

    Kris P

    Jaar geleden

    Love the videos guys, Very funny and informative. You fancy doing a vid on my car, which I believe it the fastest, most luxury, modern classic you can buy for reasonable money. It's a CLS 500 w219 5.5 V8 384bhp. You don't do many mercs. Or you can just slate it, which would be funny as well.

  19. David Jackson

    David Jackson

    Jaar geleden

    Enough with the horrendous jingles already!

  20. Rafael Smithsmythsmith

    Rafael Smithsmythsmith

    Jaar geleden

    Yeah Hazard perception is a waste of time. First time tried to find the hazards. Fail. Second time randomly clicked to a semi regular patern. Pass. Whoever got paid far too much money to come up with this part of the test is a total twat.

  21. Peter Sargeant

    Peter Sargeant

    Jaar geleden

    The youngest boomers were born in 1964 and are now 55. Mike Brewer is a perfect example.

  22. Kettly Brown

    Kettly Brown

    Jaar geleden

    One time the car dealer locked me in the dealership until I bought the car.The car also had rust but I was rushed to paperwork and I said I will look at others and they lock me up. Then I called the police. When they came the some of the dealership employees were arrested.I am American by the way. The car was a 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan.

  23. vasy ardelean

    vasy ardelean

    Jaar geleden

    google dont lett us to go to your webpage it says it is not safe u can steal password , credit card infos

  24. RokodoRL


    Jaar geleden

    The hazard perception part of the theory test is a load of bollocks. 50/50 on the multiple choice and 47/70 (IIRC) on the hazard perception - below 45 was a fail that applied to the whole test.

  25. Dogecoin


    Jaar geleden

    maybe you should offer free fluid change to older ladies

  26. bryan


    Jaar geleden

    Please,please,please open a go fund me page for Jack to get a lap top😃 I have a 50 with his name on if somebody else can match me ,we will have £1 towards it.👍

  27. Chris Wood

    Chris Wood

    Jaar geleden

    I like you're content and have been watching for a while unfortunately not been able to watch the last few episodes please let me know when you have stopped giving Mike brewer air time so I can return to your channel nobody is interested after eddgate

  28. Jamie hockenhull

    Jamie hockenhull

    Jaar geleden

    A sporty SUV? You mean like a sports utility vehicle?

  29. Andy W Rollo

    Andy W Rollo

    Jaar geleden

    Don't do anymore awful jingles 💩💩

  30. Anthony Greenslade

    Anthony Greenslade

    Jaar geleden

    it took me 3 attempts to pass and get my learners licence , the first 2 times i didnt read the books/rules , both times i missed out by one answer , the 3rd attempt i passed sill got an answer wrong, all the questions i got wrong where different , but the lady pittied me and passed me , getting on my p's only took me 15 minutes of driving first try

  31. Dawn


    Jaar geleden

    I failed my first Practical on a single major when pulling out of the test centre, I had to go through the entire test and nailed everything else had 0 minors..the test instructor was an utter *astard. 2 months later I get a cancellation and I'm stuck with the same tester.. I passed that one with 6 minors 🤪

  32. hihiguy


    Jaar geleden

    Richard needs to get an Volvo 850R

  33. David Hogg

    David Hogg

    Jaar geleden

    Shared cars, yes they can work we share an MX5 NC 2.0 Sport, which is a good looking small 2 seater for her, and a 6 speed box, LSD and Billstein suspension for me.

  34. grdn


    Jaar geleden

    Me 🤝 Mike 1990 mini as a new driver car Hold out ya hand you’ve just bought yourself a 90s mini

  35. Eli Carson

    Eli Carson

    Jaar geleden

    Why do I feel like I am sitting at the table with you guys?

  36. E Rosselini

    E Rosselini

    Jaar geleden

    I’d like to share my first and thankfully only failed driving test story: I had to merge onto a blind intersection and then decided to “roll through” - only to realize halfway through I was on ramming course with the guy on the other side. Thankfully he reacted quickly, no damage done. Ego hurt but happy there was no damage done, I got into the passenger seat of my driving instructor. He then decided to make up for lost time by doing over over double the speed limit towards his next student. Needless to say - I had opinions regarding who should’ve had a license. Love the show, carry on! Greetings from The Netherlands

  37. C Hudson

    C Hudson

    Jaar geleden

    You should do a theory test live 😂

  38. MyRegardsToTheDodo


    Jaar geleden

    The best car story I know? You know Tim Shaw, the guy from Car SOS? You know what his wife did roughly 15 years ago, when he was a radio DJ and flirted with a model live on the air? She went on ebay and listed his Lotus Esprit for 50 pence Buy it Now, had to be picked up the same day. It sold within five minutes.

  39. Pigeon Poo

    Pigeon Poo

    Jaar geleden

    Hungover whilst doing hazard perception. Did you get digitally pulled over for drink driving?

  40. Iulian Gramoiu

    Iulian Gramoiu

    Jaar geleden

    Dude, stop telling people bullshit! 100% all your videos with vehicles bought for peanuts money are FAKE! I really hope that nobody believes all the bedtime stories!!!!! Scam!!!

  41. Benji Males

    Benji Males

    Jaar geleden

    Sounds a bit off. Try lower the gain slightly

  42. will carter

    will carter

    Jaar geleden

    That motocompo tho 😍

  43. Ethan JRPH

    Ethan JRPH

    Jaar geleden


  44. Tom Oliver

    Tom Oliver

    Jaar geleden

    Bricking it because I will be doing my full A (bike) license in a month or two... Managed to convince myself I'll fail even though I passed my a2 with no minors 😅

  45. andrew johnson

    andrew johnson

    Jaar geleden

    Moto compo!

  46. Kai Harvey

    Kai Harvey

    Jaar geleden

    Also I would never want to compare you guys to the grand tour trio.... but the chemistry and and the way the convocation flows between the 3 of you feels effortless and truly unforced! Keep this up guys!!

  47. Kai Harvey

    Kai Harvey

    Jaar geleden

    I have a month old daughter.... there is nothing more aggregating or infuriating than taking her out in the buggy to get her to settle... only to have her be woken up by some pre pubescent teenager in a fiesta with a pop and bang map trying to look cool in front of the old biddies at the local coop!!

  48. Christian Mathews

    Christian Mathews

    Jaar geleden

    9:00 I have the 2012 mk2 seat Leon 1.6TDI Se COPA although it’s not the fr it’s got everything the fr has except the body kits but has the touch screen radio etc. Love the Leon’s

  49. Matt P

    Matt P

    Jaar geleden

    How did you meet?

  50. TheSheepinaSuit


    Jaar geleden

    What did ethans mum and wife help him change because I’ve watched it over and over and didnt understand what he said😂

  51. Olly Bonhomme

    Olly Bonhomme

    Jaar geleden

    My dads mechanic who is an abseloute twat put a 7 seater on the ramp wrong and it fell off but probably the funniest is someone was getting their car serviced came and dropped their car but were being followed by undercover police and as soon as they got out of the car they got arrested and my dad who owns the garage had no idea why and just fixed the car anyway 😂 but you passed in 2002, mate I was born in 2002 you old man 😂

  52. FNLDN


    Jaar geleden

    A skoda octavia vrs would probably be a good shared car which is powerful but practical

  53. Benjito321


    Jaar geleden

    I changed brake pads and discs all round, and I stupidly adjusted the drum brake part of a combined disk/drum type. I had also pulled gearbox, differential, all fluids and front suspension the same day to sort clutch etc it took me hours on my 350z... All went ok got to the last job of adjusting the drum brake for handbrake... Overtightened slightly did final checks all seemed ok. I litreally tweaked the drum break for perfection and litreally forgot to double check did everything else spot on!!!.. Long story short driving down motorway... I smell burning..... And then why car felt v funny sods law in a good way this happened right round the corner from my friend s phew. Jacked it up... Wheel almost came off it disintegrated the wheel bearing from the heat the driveshaft nut keeping it on.. Regressed and repacked the shaft and put new grease and bearing... Moral don't get too excited :)

  54. Lukas Stapleton

    Lukas Stapleton

    Jaar geleden

    Nice one gents great job. Keep them coming!

  55. Arron Somerville

    Arron Somerville

    Jaar geleden

    a green fruit crate from a shop i wont names lorry came off and hit my astra vxr and wrote it off it even damaged the engine and exhaust! it hit us we where going 70 it smashed the bumper hit the rads and then stuck under the car hit the engine then melted to the exhaust! did some ammount of damage

  56. ENC


    Jaar geleden

    14:47 Ethan : it interupts me me when i see Ethan : ''pedal to the metal''

  57. Jack Hackett

    Jack Hackett

    Jaar geleden

    Is this avaliable on amazon music?

  58. DoubleJL


    Jaar geleden

    I never failed any of my tests, but I had a friend in school who failed his moped (max 50cc, max 45km/h in where I live) theory test 14 times. It was just before the test became more expensive, so he ended up paying near the same amount I did for my license even with the 10x cheaper version, well, if you get it right the first time.

  59. Jack Collier

    Jack Collier

    Jaar geleden

    does anyone know what they did with mega spec

  60. James Stevens

    James Stevens

    Jaar geleden

    Ikea table legs

  61. Nicola Sansom

    Nicola Sansom

    Jaar geleden

    "Derek Rake" 😂😂😂

  62. Angus


    Jaar geleden

    I counted to 3 before every click on my hazard perception and passed

  63. alxforth1


    Jaar geleden

    29:48 Ethan looking like someone else pushed his arm off the table 😂😂

  64. dave lowe

    dave lowe

    Jaar geleden

    My brother failed his 1st test for driving strait over a round about his excuse was the examiner told him to go strait on at the roundabout

  65. Doug Schack

    Doug Schack

    Jaar geleden

    BOOM! 😂

  66. Car Obsession

    Car Obsession

    Jaar geleden

    That was brilliant - can't wait to see more.

  67. DARYL MT


    Jaar geleden

    I want you three to be the next Top Gear presenters!

  68. GankMan


    Jaar geleden

    If you dont like downshifting and accelerating in a tunnel, im not sure you are a car guy :D

  69. AgentCodySpanks


    Jaar geleden

    I've personally done bother car and bike theory and nothing was different other than it says bike instead of car or situational parts are slightly different but not by much

  70. john brogan

    john brogan

    Jaar geleden

    Please, no more singing. Other than that, well done lads

  71. Carlos Palma

    Carlos Palma

    Jaar geleden

    Would be cool to add some pics / videos to some of the bits you guys are talking about

  72. miro hokkanen

    miro hokkanen

    Jaar geleden

    This is great. Keep it up bois

  73. Paul Evans

    Paul Evans

    Jaar geleden

    Go and watch the video "heavyweight champion of the world" by reverend and the makers and tell me it doesn't look like jack

  74. Jesse Hall

    Jesse Hall

    Jaar geleden

    Definitely do not click every 4 seconds on the hazard perception test, it looks out for clicking too much and rhythmic clicking and you will fail :)

  75. GarThor Son of Odin

    GarThor Son of Odin

    Jaar geleden

    Is that a motocampo in the background? Where do you find those? I think it'd be fun to get one in the US... =D

  76. Alexandros Bertz

    Alexandros Bertz

    Jaar geleden

    Yesterday a wheel of a lorry came of at the A6 near Heidelberg (where i live) found its way to a motorway parking and struck an other lorry driver killing him instantly. Not funny at all.

  77. rondar2


    Jaar geleden

    This is the first ever podcast I have ever actually listened from start to end.

  78. Neutral Guy

    Neutral Guy

    Jaar geleden

    “Really putting you on the spot, why are you turning red?” LOL answered his own question

  79. Saul


    Jaar geleden

    ethans elbow at 29:48 dont know why it was so funny

  80. Kerb_appeal


    Jaar geleden

    First time I did my driving test I think I knew I failed before I even left the car park. The woman was such a bitch hahaha. I got 2 minors but she made up some story and gave me a major.

  81. Daryn Hunter

    Daryn Hunter

    Jaar geleden

    When you offer Alex a car for free and he doesn’t even reply 😢

  82. Martin Riesco

    Martin Riesco

    Jaar geleden

    Hopefully this continues and the put it on spotify

    • Car Throttle

      Car Throttle

      Jaar geleden

      It's already on Spotify!

  83. januk jayawardana

    januk jayawardana

    Jaar geleden

    wow is that a motocompo???!!!! pls do a video on that super cool bike... ohh you gonna need a 1981 honda city too....ya you gonna need one for that bike.....

  84. huwroberts123


    Jaar geleden

    Does Ethan know how to read? 🤫🤫

  85. Christiån Kirkenes

    Christiån Kirkenes

    Jaar geleden

    Wait when the hell did they start a podcast? "Hello and welcome to our first ever...…" Oh....OK

  86. Andy Muppet

    Andy Muppet

    Jaar geleden

    Can we start a go fund me page so Jack can get a laptop, instead of trying to read emails off a phone 😂

  87. Beney Hewson

    Beney Hewson

    Jaar geleden

    Oi oi big up Farnham. Shepard and flock is the weirdest place though 😂

  88. MiSs G

    MiSs G

    Jaar geleden

    Alex,since you're such a natural talent when u pass all driving tests 1st time,i think u should find a sponsor and go for your class 1!it took me 4 attempts to pass mines.i kept failing on the reverse 🤦‍♀️

  89. AllPureSkill


    Jaar geleden


  90. MiSs G

    MiSs G

    Jaar geleden

    'Derek rake' 😂😂😂 had me floored 🤦‍♀️😂😂

  91. tristanmeadows


    Jaar geleden

    I had a wheel come off when i was younger. rear one car dropped onto the diskbrake and the wheel hit a gutter and went into someone backyard lol. >_

  92. rex aitken

    rex aitken

    Jaar geleden

    the audio qality is worse than normal even when you all have proper mics

  93. Ivo Kau

    Ivo Kau

    Jaar geleden

    please also upload to google podcasts thanks!!

  94. 藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac

    藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac

    Jaar geleden

    legend says that Ethan is still trying to get the marigold out of the spark plug place

  95. 藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac

    藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac

    Jaar geleden

    Donut Media:makes podcast Car Throttle:WRITE THAT DOWN!WEITE THAT DOWN!!!

  96. Teppee


    Jaar geleden


  97. Brandon Vicars-Harris

    Brandon Vicars-Harris

    Jaar geleden

    I could watch you guys rant on about random shit all day

  98. BobbyHowTo


    Jaar geleden

    Got to admit. Enjoy all your videos, although for the pod cast perhaps have a screen under the table so you can put photos up ect to extend your story telling and also hide that extension lead better 😂 other than that really good to see you guys progressing and I look forward to the future of the channel!

  99. Piwi channel

    Piwi channel

    Jaar geleden

    Talk about the new car which are coming

  100. Simon Russell

    Simon Russell

    Jaar geleden

    I used to work at a Vauxhall dealership in Aylesbury, it was a busy week and we had sold a lot of cars, my mate Dan had the weekend off and so the cars he had sold had to be prepped for handover for Monday morning, so at the end of play Friday he was keen to get down the pub. As with all car dealerships one of the last things to do is to run round the pitch shutting all the car boot doors, for those of you that don't know it's a stupid thing that all cars on car sales sites that are for sale have their boot open and for weekends or special occasions some balloons are attached to the wipers ones that are sold you keep locked. So Dan and I run round the dealership shutting the boots at warp speed and our mates Dave and Stav lock them. A busy weekend ensues for me and the rest of the crew and Dan has a blinder of a weekend on the lash, Monday morning Dan goes to move the cars he sold on Friday round to the valet bay to get them cleaned and ready for handover to the lucky new owners, all of a sudden a loud scream is heard across the pitch, we all rush over to find Dan looking very, very, very upset, " a cat" he says "a fucking cat" we look into the car and immediately regret it, the stench of cat piss and poo is overwhelming, it turns out during our record breaking speed run we had failed to notice a local cat that had fallen asleep in the Zafira 1.8 Sxi that Dan had sold on Friday and the feral feline had been trapped in all weekend. As any cat owner will tell you, litter box cleaning is not fun, it's one of the most disgusting things you can experience, now this car was being collected in two hours by a lovely lady who had three kids, blind panic ensued, first port of call, the valeters, "no" said Simi our Ghanaian Valeter (this is an edited version he told us to go away with more embellishment) so in a blind panic with no idea we scooped out the cat shit with blue roll, went to Halfords and bought as much pine fresh car freshener liquid as we could carry, we POURED that stuff into every bit of fabric we could get to, seats, door cards, carpets, headliner I mean everywhere even down the vents. The lady came and collected her Zafira and we told her that we had only just finished cleaning the car, that the scent might be a bit strong, so she should drive home with the windows down. An old saying in car sales is that you should wave goodbye till you can't see the tail lights, we didn't, we waited till she got out of the car park and ran to our cars and drove to the pub. We never heard from that lady again, we can either assume that our pine fresh mask of freshness hid the smell forever or alternatively she died from the toxic fume combination of pine and cat piss ammonia on the way home, either way i'm never going to buy a 2006 green Zafira Sxi just in-case, I would recommend you do the same...