What It's Like Getting Pulled Over For Speeding | Your Car Stories (feat. Queen B)

This week, we're joined by special guest Queen B to discuss getting pulled over, life as a NLidr and things that grind your gears!
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  1. Nick Wil

    Nick Wil

    3 dagen geleden

    So I bet u love to have thoughts on kids with a birth defect?? Like your fb page

  2. Big Dog

    Big Dog

    7 dagen geleden

    I also hate people that blur their numberplates - how the hell are you supposed to do an insurance quote without the number plate?

  3. Mitchell J W

    Mitchell J W

    8 dagen geleden

    Keep the podcasts going pleaseeeee

  4. mattwills87


    8 dagen geleden

    I actually was beind a z3 m coupe today I didnt know they were that wide still think I was right telling my teacher not to buy a z3 wait a year and get a z4 turns out he's had two now lol

  5. Brad Page

    Brad Page

    10 dagen geleden

    Its got to be z-lister Danny Lambo 😂

  6. lee neal

    lee neal

    10 dagen geleden

    80 in a 70.... hardly crime of the year, unlike all the cocks hogging lanes

  7. Tronci


    10 dagen geleden

    There definitely are two ys in anonymity lol

  8. Chris Allen

    Chris Allen

    10 dagen geleden

    Ehthan was right with 'fewer' instead of 'less'.

  9. Go2GearGuy


    11 dagen geleden

    How are you walking away from police interactions without a ticket. I'm from the US in Michigan and they gave me a ticket for 80mph when I was going 60 mph. They were just after the money because it was a no points $380 fine. This was my "first warning". My second ticket was a for running a yellow light to which the cop said it looked pretty red to me and gave me another $300 fine.

  10. Rice Quackers

    Rice Quackers

    11 dagen geleden

    Must have been an incredibly petty cop with literally nothing better to do that pulled Ethan over. I've cruised at 80mph indicated (75mph GPS) across the motorway network for the best part of a decade, passed lots of speed cameras and marked police cars and never once had any trouble. In fact the official guidance is to allow 10%+2mph over so they shouldn't bother unless you're doing more than 79mph (GPS speed). Ideally we should just change the limit to 80mph and be done with it, aligning ourselves with much of Europe and reflecting the actual speed that most people do. Some quieter stretches like the northern end of the M6/A74(M)/M74 could safely support even a 90mph limit.

  11. Scott


    12 dagen geleden

    40:00 people go on Autotrader and find cars similar to there's and print the plates to commit crimes etc. So if u have a popular car/ cheap sports car probably best to hide it and just message anyone who legitimately messages

  12. Glen Ashton

    Glen Ashton

    12 dagen geleden

    Where did you get your numbers for the Plymouth Prowler? It shows 7 for me 😂

  13. Jason Robert

    Jason Robert

    13 dagen geleden

    There was a pink PT cruiser limo for sale o ebay a few months ago 🤣

  14. Dave Leigh

    Dave Leigh

    13 dagen geleden

    If you went to TV, you’d lose more than you’d gain.

  15. ektrolleyboy


    13 dagen geleden

    I disagree about the honesty thing. Best thing is to remain silent! It’s their job to prove you were doing something. Now. Having said that. If they have a camera system? Then you go to the honesty route...

  16. Liam Brennan

    Liam Brennan

    13 dagen geleden

    Queen B is Cool 👍

  17. luke m

    luke m

    14 dagen geleden

    Must have been an arsey copper to bother with someone doing that little over the speed limit.... I’ve often passed a Police car doing 80/85 on a motorway and they’ve not even blinked ..

  18. Ahmed Iqbal

    Ahmed Iqbal

    14 dagen geleden

    He didn’t become a mechanic cause there is no such thing as a gay mechanic

  19. The Stargate People

    The Stargate People

    14 dagen geleden

    What happened with Gareth?.

  20. James Stevens

    James Stevens

    14 dagen geleden

    Two in the boot one in the goo

  21. Andy Mchenry

    Andy Mchenry

    14 dagen geleden

    you guys should head back to the auction you bought the omega from last year, buy the most reached out shit box you can find then try and recreate one of those extreme car detailing videos you see online.

  22. Mark Wright

    Mark Wright

    15 dagen geleden

    There was a history (don't know if it's still a thing) of the registrations of cars for sale being cloned, so someone took info of the car, say a blue mk5 Golf that was on Autotrader, then got a set of reg plates produced to then put on a stolen car that matches enough to not be draw the attention of police and possibly use that car to commit crimes like driving off without paying for fuel, and all police enquiries come back to the legal owner of the car they had for sale. Police Interceptors and the like have had examples of that, the one that comes to my mind (if I'm recalling it accurately enough) was one where plates were cloned off a 5 door mk6 Golf I think in red then put on a 3 door of the same colour and model, which was then sold to a guy who paid £X'000 for it. Police came to seizing it from the reg being reported as stolen, possibly after the actual owner of the car (the genuinely registered 5 door) coming down the street that the new 'owner' (of the stolen car) lived on only to see their reg on this 3 door Golf.

  23. Jet Todd

    Jet Todd

    15 dagen geleden


  24. Reckless Rogue

    Reckless Rogue

    15 dagen geleden

    Really been loving the podcast and hope it returns sooner rather than later!

  25. TheMrbazooka


    15 dagen geleden

    Been Loving The Podcasts Chaps 👌 Smashed It! 🤘 I Think Ethan Was Blushing The Entire Episode Sat Next To A Pretty Lady, And Then She Said Wank, And He Couldnt Contain Himself Haha.

  26. Khalid Acosta

    Khalid Acosta

    15 dagen geleden

    Wow, so different. I got pulled over because I was driving too quickly... I did a massive 20mph in a 50mph.... then did 50mph in a 60mph dual carriageway. It's ok though, they gave me a ticket for breaching COVID laws because I was driving back from work. Or just getting pulled over for looking suspicious? :-/ Or 10 years ago, had a friend in the car, explaining to him there's no point speeding, 10 seconds later, got tailgated by a marked police car (less than 1 car length) when doing 30 in a 30 :-/ Their superior couldn't excuse those officers. Life when driving whilst brown! I have to be an arsewipe when I get pulled over because otherwise, I will get a ticket for anything. Atleast my car gets a thorough check at the roadside by the thin blue line quite often.

  27. Brendan Patterson

    Brendan Patterson

    15 dagen geleden

    Blurry number plates is to stop people making ringers of your car, but (a) no one is going to do that to your shitty astra VXR and (b) even if they did it would take 5 mins to prove it wasn't you.

  28. stewal


    15 dagen geleden

    2 reasons sellers blur plates: to hide a dodgey mot history and to prevent cloned plates. The buyer needs to make a judgement which it is....

  29. stewal


    15 dagen geleden

    Was it hot in there or have the boys taken Viagra?

  30. Azwad S

    Azwad S

    15 dagen geleden

    Adieu = actually means 'To God'! If trying to be clever then at least do it right 🤔😅🤦

  31. Mc Chicken

    Mc Chicken

    16 dagen geleden

    love u guys but you need to stop the pod cast don't the views tell you anything? bring back what we all want you idiots breaking shit

  32. GarThor Son of Odin

    GarThor Son of Odin

    16 dagen geleden

    Colin should get himself a Nissan Juke.

  33. Jake Caruana

    Jake Caruana

    16 dagen geleden

    Love the podcast. Bring it back quick pleaaaseeee 😩😩

  34. DrifterZ


    16 dagen geleden

    This was hilarious 😂 i enjoyed it Please get back soon 😙

  35. Kieran Nash

    Kieran Nash

    16 dagen geleden

    Queen B defo my favourite podcast guest! So funny!

  36. ThatRosscal


    16 dagen geleden


  37. Kieran Robert Anderson

    Kieran Robert Anderson

    16 dagen geleden

    get a K12 micra 160sr, 1.6L micra comes with sport suspension and 120bhp haha

  38. Isaac Shackleton

    Isaac Shackleton

    16 dagen geleden

    I'm sorry? Did she just say "sorry please" in Russian? 😂

  39. EpicpearKick


    16 dagen geleden

    About number plates: I had to hide the number plates because a lot of people would send messages or call to everyone in my family when i lived back home. It was really annoying and a bit scary...(i live in sweden btw). I guess the car had a really good deal on it

  40. Bacon


    16 dagen geleden

    did they bleep 'Cum' lmaooo

  41. Miles Finch

    Miles Finch

    16 dagen geleden

    Why you dropping the podcast???

  42. XxskYWaRp1000xX


    16 dagen geleden

    Can you do a video on the Hyundai i30n hatchback I have heard so many mixed opinions on it from the car it’s self to having it a a daily and generally living with it Criteria would be. Maximise the mpg. Get it for the cheapest price in the range of under 15k or 20k as a maximum limit would it be a good daily driver car for work and long distance commutes And try to compare it to its most successful rival cars. Being the Honda Civic type R and the VW golf gti/tdi

  43. Eoin PhatBeatsTV

    Eoin PhatBeatsTV

    16 dagen geleden

    The "shiny and bright" Micra quote was from Richard Hammond's review on Top Gear. Clarkson brought up the 'Speak Micra' ad campaign Nissan used in the early 2000s where they would combine two words to get things like 'simpology' and 'luxurable' to describe the car, and then Richard hit the nail on the head! It's at the end of this: nlid.info/cloud/mrGcg4V2qqOuu5w/video.html

  44. Christopher Ryder

    Christopher Ryder

    16 dagen geleden

    "Have you had a problem breaking in to cars?" "well modern security systems are a pain, but i can get around it"

  45. Sutton31


    16 dagen geleden

    Had to pick that story about the gay dude to get the pride month pandering in. I see you Car Throttle. Lmao

  46. Martin


    16 dagen geleden

    lads are looking a bit red in this podcast, they either caught too much sun or the new girl has got them hot under the collar....

    • CT is infant grade content now

      CT is infant grade content now

      16 dagen geleden

      They've always been rabits in headlines around girls. They done a cringey vid of them fixing some birds car about 2yr ago and they looked scared😍

  47. John McReynolds

    John McReynolds

    16 dagen geleden

    That was some amount of flirting lads......😉🤔😉🤔😉🚗👍🏼

  48. Brainingsons Fam

    Brainingsons Fam

    16 dagen geleden

    Anonymity - Ethan’s correct :)

  49. George


    16 dagen geleden

    "a more cool version of a fridge" So a freezer?

  50. Max Zanders

    Max Zanders

    16 dagen geleden

    I was saved by my dashcam, I was pulled over for allegedly running a red light. The PO was clearly angry and looking to Knick me for anything. He began writing a ticket after asking for my licence. Being 18 in a fairly quick car there are already negative stereotypes that surround the kind of driver I am so my insurance is quite high, the 3 points would ruin me. I challenged the ticked and showed the officer my dashcam footage on the scene which showed the light was green. He proceeded to claim he could smell cannabis and asked me to get out, searching both me and the car which was obviously clean, threatening me with arrest and multiple drugs tests. Nothing came out of it thankfully but it really pissed me off how he reacted to me challenging him and his attitude pulling me over.

  51. Kevin G

    Kevin G

    16 dagen geleden

    Hi car throttle, I do know why people blank out the reg plate when put up for sale, as when I bought BMW 330ci couple of years back which you could see the reg plate on eBay and 3-7 days into buying I got a speeding fine and a parking fine from London and I live near Manchester and at that time i was in work. Asked to check the picture of these for proof and someone had cloned my plates on the same car a BMW 3 series and colour so it looked identical, was a nightmare trying to prove it wasnt me lucky my car had a slight dent in the boot and there car had black mirrors to prove it wasn't me. Also the previous owner had the same problem and told me I think the plates have being cloned. So I understand why people don't show their reg plates

  52. Brian said it so it Must be true

    Brian said it so it Must be true

    16 dagen geleden

    How about NOT collecting penalty points and fines (And pumped up insurance premiums) and just follow the rules of the road and NOT be an "Entitled @rsehole" who thinks that rules and laws do not apply to them.

  53. D Z R 1982

    D Z R 1982

    16 dagen geleden

    Don't keep the podcast away for too long, please. If an audio-only version would be easier, I would be more than happy with that.

  54. Cormac Meleady

    Cormac Meleady

    16 dagen geleden

    Becky Evans was fantastic in the podcast, would be great to see her in future episodes (if it returns!)

  55. MotoDesmo


    16 dagen geleden

    So happy to hear you shout out UsherEngineering, she works really hard and I’d love to see more from the channel!

    • jason hobbs

      jason hobbs

      13 dagen geleden

      Yeah 100% I enjoy watching good fabricators at work. I bet he is 1 proud Dad having his daughter follow his footsteps👣

  56. Appleshampoo


    16 dagen geleden

    Hope the podcast will come back soon. Always watch these with a big smile on my face.

  57. Mcm Mcm

    Mcm Mcm

    16 dagen geleden

    Queen b ???????

  58. Luke Watts

    Luke Watts

    16 dagen geleden

    Sad to hear that you are stopping 🙃

  59. Neil Cooper

    Neil Cooper

    16 dagen geleden

    I have a Honda jazz sport with mot you could have for £300

  60. VaultBlore


    16 dagen geleden

    AHH that does suck that the podcast is going on pause, I only just got into it and started going back through it on my drive to and from work.

  61. Rhys Blaney

    Rhys Blaney

    17 dagen geleden

    Anonymity DOES have 2 'Ys'. Sorry...

  62. CT is infant grade content now

    CT is infant grade content now

    17 dagen geleden

    You lot going to make proper vids again?

  63. James Boyle

    James Boyle

    17 dagen geleden

    Would love to have watched or heard this not beeped out.

  64. GulliNL


    17 dagen geleden

    The Previa is kinda quirky, it’s a mid engined MPV!

  65. The Homeless Project

    The Homeless Project

    17 dagen geleden

    She's pretty cool watched her channel for a while and even on evolves channel

  66. Paul Ford

    Paul Ford

    17 dagen geleden

    Enjoyed these videos guy's. 👍

  67. luhar420


    17 dagen geleden

    Is it ironic that I listen to this while making my car in my summer car?

  68. Alex Bradbury-Hall

    Alex Bradbury-Hall

    17 dagen geleden

    Queen B representing the Wakey lot 🤘🏻

  69. MrSluby


    17 dagen geleden

    Feeling a bit warm Ethan?

  70. ilj5000


    17 dagen geleden

    8:46 pulled over

  71. Reece Mansfield

    Reece Mansfield

    17 dagen geleden

    will we be seeing roast your ride again?

  72. Ox Uluç Özcan

    Ox Uluç Özcan

    17 dagen geleden

    your link shorteners are gone. if this is some kind of a "check" to see if your subscribers are humans; I can confirm. I am human

  73. Chris Duffy

    Chris Duffy

    17 dagen geleden

    i feel the pod casts are a hit and a miss id rather more content rather than podcast surly that shows in your views their never viewed as mucg as regular but hey ho thats just my opinion no hate big fan

  74. Robert Colburn

    Robert Colburn

    17 dagen geleden

    Great podcast will miss them and to you Chris i say good on ya you're awesome keep doing what you love forgot the past but it has made you stronger ❤️💪✌️

  75. David Higgins

    David Higgins

    17 dagen geleden

    I’m glad your knocking the podcast on the head for a bit we might get more then one video a week

  76. Liam Alford

    Liam Alford

    17 dagen geleden

    Gonna miss the podcast

  77. James H

    James H

    17 dagen geleden

    Becky... if you’re reading this.... Snog Marry Avoid? With the CarThrottle boys 😆

  78. nodrogkam


    17 dagen geleden

    Fantastic message from Chris and kudos for airing that email.

  79. Peter O'Gorman

    Peter O'Gorman

    17 dagen geleden

    She's good value; get her back when the podcast starts up again

    • CT is infant grade content now

      CT is infant grade content now

      17 dagen geleden

      Sure.. simp

  80. Dan Freeman

    Dan Freeman

    17 dagen geleden

    I was really hoping chis' story about being told gay people can't be mechanics was gonna end with "many thanks, Chris mclaren formula 1 pit stop mechanic" imagine the fuck you 🏳️‍🌈

  81. OskarK


    17 dagen geleden

    Hearing Chris' story made me really emotional. Thank you for including this. Even though I'm 7 years out of closet, 3 years with greatest man in the world, happy with who I am- I still needed to hear this. You guys have no idea how big of an impact this can be for a random teenager (or anyone really) struggling with their identity.

    • CT is infant grade content now

      CT is infant grade content now

      17 dagen geleden

      Boo how for Chris the pole smoker

    • timprice5


      17 dagen geleden

      Totally agreed Oskar. Same here, gay and love cars. Do a lot of my own mechanics and i often find friends through this who have no idea I'm gay until much later in our relationship. Ive had a few 'you can't be gay, you know how to take out a gearbox' types of exclamations in the past. Doesn't really bother me as I'm very OK with who I am but i probably wouldn't have been at 15.

  82. rockinchimp


    17 dagen geleden

    Know how that gay guy feels given I was in the same situation a while back.

  83. bogus1st


    17 dagen geleden

    shes fit

    • bogus1st


      16 dagen geleden

      @CT is infant grade content now knob head

    • CT is infant grade content now

      CT is infant grade content now

      17 dagen geleden


  84. Adam


    17 dagen geleden

    So close to 3 million subs

  85. Agion Labs

    Agion Labs

    17 dagen geleden

    wait... what am I meant to do of a Monday now then?

  86. George Austers

    George Austers

    17 dagen geleden

    I think you should spotlight "GeorgeAusters"....Heard he makes some really great content!

  87. Alex Paumen

    Alex Paumen

    17 dagen geleden

    143 Lotus Carltons?! I thought there would be only 30 or something.

  88. Andrew


    17 dagen geleden

    Blurred plates in car ads would be people just trying to avoid getting their car cloned. Yes, it's irritating as a prospective buyer, but the less you put your registration in the public domain, the less chance of someone stealing your vehicle identity.

    • Andrew


      15 dagen geleden

      @Blax S IMO the value of the car being sold is irrelevant, as many people clone plates off similar make/ model/ year and colour vehicles simply to avoid being licensed/ taxed/ insured/ MOT'd and paying fines. In fact, low value vehicles are probably a greater target for cloning in this segment, as these are more accessible to the sought of people who perpetuate this crime. In the UK we now live in a society that's predominantly policed through CCTV and ANPR and actual physical road traffic policing is in the minority. By simply swapping plates many simply fly under the radar.

    • Blax S

      Blax S

      15 dagen geleden

      I totally get this, but then you’ve got the people on the ridiculous end of the scale who blur the number plate on their 1999 Ford Fiesta which is up for £500, it doesn’t make sense.

  89. Hayden Hodgson

    Hayden Hodgson

    17 dagen geleden

    People blur out their number plate because some people steal all ur information just from ur number plate,

  90. Shadow


    17 dagen geleden

    James Deen ? He is in quite the hardcore stuff as of late, isn't he ?

  91. Georgi Mihalkov

    Georgi Mihalkov

    17 dagen geleden

    This podcast needed subtitles, the girl has a very potent accent.

  92. dean king

    dean king

    17 dagen geleden

    What? How could you! You've helped keep our sanity and we've been faithful, now you're leaving?

  93. Michiel Voetberg

    Michiel Voetberg

    17 dagen geleden

    FEEDBACK: The "guess how many cars left" section is not interesting for people outside the UK. I think the time you spent on that section can be used better

  94. Sir Robson

    Sir Robson

    17 dagen geleden

    Ethan was right with the anonymity ;)

  95. Stephen Griffiths

    Stephen Griffiths

    17 dagen geleden

    Not great advice to admit to speeding when they pull you over. If they didn't clock you but you admit to what speed you're doing, they will screw you over with your own words as evidence

  96. patriotbarrow


    17 dagen geleden

    I very rarely laugh at and enjoy a podcast the way I do with yours. Really hoping you'll bring it back sooner rather than later. It was the highlight of my Monday commute.

  97. Milou Van Daam

    Milou Van Daam

    17 dagen geleden

    Could you get Rebecca jackson on this?

  98. thecremeegg


    17 dagen geleden

    Ethan been in the sun or just flustered at sitting next to a girl hah!

  99. Hen Con

    Hen Con

    17 dagen geleden

    NOOOOOOOO!! You cant stop the podcast!! What will i do on Mondays!?!?!

    • Hen Con

      Hen Con

      15 dagen geleden

      @CT is infant grade content now Oooooh wow what a great come back. Your sense of whit and comedy is amazing. Maybe you should write a book.

    • CT is infant grade content now

      CT is infant grade content now

      16 dagen geleden

      Get a life on Mondays mate

  100. Bradley hayes

    Bradley hayes

    17 dagen geleden

    I got pulled doing 98mph and the police was actually alright they didn't tell me of or anything I did receive 6 points tho 🤣 also my speedometer said 98 so did there speed gun apparently they can use them while driving which I was unaware of 🤣