Can An Old Car Achieve Over 800 Miles On One Tank?

This week, Alex tests the high mileage Skoda Octavia’s fuel economy by hypermiling it from London to the Nürburgring and back in one day. On one tank of diesel. Will he make it?
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Jonathan Benson (Tyre Reviews)

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  1. Steven Brennan

    Steven Brennan

    7 dagen geleden

    The miles series was massively the best series car throttle have ever done



    21 dag geleden

    I bought a 478,xxxkms 2002 toyota celica, 1998 honda civic hatchback 423,xxxkms, 2004 7thgen civic sedan 303,xxxkms all manual base model bc of this. I love high mileage hero. Hope you do that again.

  3. Happe CJ

    Happe CJ

    22 dagen geleden

    Please try Berlin to Warsaw in one tank

  4. Dean Slyfield

    Dean Slyfield

    Maand geleden

    I'm straight heterosexual guy with a girlfriend. But when John entered the car, I won't lie. I spent a questionable amount of time staring at his arms. 😶💪

  5. Tom Hubbard

    Tom Hubbard

    Maand geleden

    I managed to get my Fabia 2 (2009) up to 92mpg average on my road trip up to Edinburgh.

  6. John Munro

    John Munro

    Maand geleden

    Driving across France without an emergency kit? I see you like to live dangerously.

  7. shaun truran

    shaun truran

    Maand geleden

    Why is this not on TV, come on the TV companies take notice!

  8. Paul C

    Paul C

    Maand geleden

    67mpg was what I used to get from a mk1 fabia vrs with the same engine. Brilliant engines which sipped diesel but went well. Euro 5 killed them off..another eu tragedy! Octavia and fabia mk1's had to be two of the most reliable cars ever made and were built like tanks. New ones just aren't as reliable and nowhere near as good vfm.

  9. santa


    Maand geleden

    I feel like this would be good practice to keep momentum on the track

  10. Dave D'Video Maker

    Dave D'Video Maker

    Maand geleden

    I’d do the same challenge in a 1.5 litre diesel car from London to Paris and back.

  11. ratoncito


    Maand geleden

    He needed 60 minimum and got 61. pretty close shot.



    2 maanden geleden

    Careful, the Nurburgring sticker may cost you mpg!!

  13. Huy Nguyen

    Huy Nguyen

    2 maanden geleden

    The thin look surgically allow because grade putatively worry under a four frail steel. bloody, broad centimeter

  14. Bartoni Gaming

    Bartoni Gaming

    2 maanden geleden

    Most diesels would make this driving like a nun. Lol

  15. Jaxon Early

    Jaxon Early

    2 maanden geleden

    800 miles? I get 210 on a tank barely

  16. sync232


    2 maanden geleden

    23 degrees and begging for aircon, wtf

  17. Barney Wood

    Barney Wood

    3 maanden geleden

    Btec clarkson a8 challenge😂😂

  18. Riley Keck

    Riley Keck

    3 maanden geleden

    What year is this Skoda? And was this ever sold in the states? I would love to have a great lil ugly fuel sipper like these as a daily to save money for other things

  19. Tauno Kekkonen

    Tauno Kekkonen

    3 maanden geleden

    Didn't the Germans manage to go from Berlin to Warsaw in one tank, already back in the 40's?

  20. BB- Ballistics

    BB- Ballistics

    3 maanden geleden

    Crazy i have a 1.1 litre motorbike and even riding it normally i only get 45-50mpg

  21. zly ferko

    zly ferko

    3 maanden geleden

    this is just our czech škoda :D octavia ..

  22. Tony Maries

    Tony Maries

    4 maanden geleden

    Roll on 2035. My daily driver 2014 Octavia will still be on the road with over 400,000 miles on the clock. It makes the journey from my home in the West Country to the Scottish Highlands on just over 1/2 a tank of diesel, so somewhere in the South East of England to the Nurburgring and back on a single tank looks very possible to me.

  23. E bull jet

    E bull jet

    4 maanden geleden

    Skoda is a bell of a machine.

  24. Miggeddy


    4 maanden geleden

    7:06 i like that "taxi driver" xD saw a video in a polo with him and directly recognized him ^^

  25. Yasuo


    4 maanden geleden

    in the Netherlands you pay so much for a diesel car.

  26. Michael Constantine

    Michael Constantine

    4 maanden geleden

    don't brake don't brake don't brake haha hes like your parent when you first get your license

  27. 1971 Nissan Cherry

    1971 Nissan Cherry

    4 maanden geleden

    Where did you get that shirt?!

  28. Harry Molore

    Harry Molore

    4 maanden geleden

    Is this the new Top Gear?

  29. andrix908o_ dude

    andrix908o_ dude

    4 maanden geleden

    4:56 very good actually

  30. aryanscience


    4 maanden geleden

    Yonge St. starting in Toronto is 1178 miles long..He could not even make it one way..

  31. OnePointFour


    4 maanden geleden

    WHY didn't we get diesels in the US on the first hybrid craze!!! This MPG is soooo much better!

  32. Niels Koomans

    Niels Koomans

    4 maanden geleden

    you can clearly see the different road infrastructures per country, which makes the order of the video cuts actually pretty unordered. but hey, who gives a fuck, it's a great vid

  33. VincentTG


    5 maanden geleden

    Is this with the 1.9 TDI 130hp engine???

  34. Marco Garofalo

    Marco Garofalo

    5 maanden geleden

    Funniest episode I've watched this one 3rd time of watching.

  35. Adam Jacob Adamson

    Adam Jacob Adamson

    5 maanden geleden

    TIMESTAMPS: 4:35 Easy Learning Italian 6:45 Misha Charoudin 10:10 Return To The UK 10:40 Meanwhile, in the Škoda Kodiaq... 14:00 Night Time In The UK

  36. old cars trashed

    old cars trashed

    5 maanden geleden

    I like this channel but tooooo much copying top gear get your own stuff lads will make it much better instead of copying whats been done a million times already

  37. Unknown Presence

    Unknown Presence

    5 maanden geleden

    80+mpg Miles would you lie to me? Vw dieselgate springs to mind 😂

  38. LeCrowf


    5 maanden geleden

    when you pulled the duct tape off of the bodywork and the laquer came with it, my bollocks tightened up xD

  39. Daniel Heathcote

    Daniel Heathcote

    5 maanden geleden

    Not sure why but the car mpg readout is reading in mpg in us gallons, not imperial gallons, which might explain the difference in mpg. 55 litres is equivalent to 12 imperial gallons or 14.5 American gallons

  40. Colin


    5 maanden geleden

    Just noticed now - what on earth is the yellow things on the driver's seat? Are the seats that uncomfortable? I thought they were replaced by Skoda!

  41. MWB Gaming

    MWB Gaming

    5 maanden geleden

    23°C hot? That's cute Come to Australia where it exceeds 50°C in summer

  42. Cars And Contraband

    Cars And Contraband

    5 maanden geleden

    Might be worth checking if the car has had an ECU Map at any point. When I mapped my audi A4 the trip computer started telling many lies. Some days it would tell me I'd got 99 mpg....55 is the most possible. I know it's not like VW group to lie about figures but mapping definitely fudged my computer.

  43. izoyt


    5 maanden geleden

    your forget to mention one big detail: fuel quality. i guess this wasn't cheapest diesel in some shady pump chain..

  44. Aaron Cottam

    Aaron Cottam

    5 maanden geleden

    I can only drive like 300 miles in my 2003 1.2 Fiesta, something's definitely wrong :)

  45. Markus Varusk

    Markus Varusk

    5 maanden geleden

    Holy damn Alex has done more than 1500 miles in a car he barely knows that isn’t his daily and he’s done all of it in 2 weeks

  46. Stewart Grindlay

    Stewart Grindlay

    6 maanden geleden

    143.9 p a litre. Jeez we got ripped off

  47. Aaron Büser

    Aaron Büser

    6 maanden geleden

    23 degrees is a cool day in South Africa. When i move Scotland, that is gonna be a warm day in comparison.

  48. Preben Gjestang

    Preben Gjestang

    6 maanden geleden

    Good luck trying this with my vw 2.8 petrol 4 motion ^^

  49. Bengt Hansves

    Bengt Hansves

    6 maanden geleden

    3,8 l / 100 km with a VW Golf Diesel 1983 !!

  50. david davies

    david davies

    6 maanden geleden

    Why's he wearing a child's t shirt lol

  51. TheCoolDave


    6 maanden geleden

    That is very impressive... but, going to the Nürburgring ring and going very slow... not very thrilling...

  52. zwieback1989


    6 maanden geleden

    Hardest thing must be doing a trip like this alone in the car 😵

  53. UK NEWS


    6 maanden geleden

    You would have got more MPG with out 2 two extra men in the car

  54. TheJamesonline testbourne School account

    TheJamesonline testbourne School account

    6 maanden geleden

    remember when you could actually do this

  55. Derek Taylor

    Derek Taylor

    6 maanden geleden

    Superb! Try doing this in an electric car. No Chance!!!!

  56. gigglebob69


    6 maanden geleden

    Of course the car lied to you about it's fuel acconemy. It's made by VW 🤣

  57. David Cameron

    David Cameron

    6 maanden geleden

    Driving tired on a motorway. What a twat.

  58. CrazyInWeston


    7 maanden geleden

    Jeremy Clarkson took a Diesel Audi From London to Edinburgh and back, a distance of 805.2 miles. Top Gear Series 4, Episode 4.

  59. Tsvetan Dikov

    Tsvetan Dikov

    7 maanden geleden

    Esso on the Tesco in Tolworth 😎 😆😆

  60. 12dougreed


    7 maanden geleden

    And? Not worth driving the Nordschleife with a car like that. Much better to drive to Bad arhweile And drink a few pints of wine

  61. Abdelhaq Hadri

    Abdelhaq Hadri

    7 maanden geleden

    Top gear vibes

  62. BackWheel_Jake


    7 maanden geleden

    The nurburg ring is amazing especially the 24hr it the best experience ever if ya like cars 👍🏻

  63. Hasan Çiftçi

    Hasan Çiftçi

    7 maanden geleden

    Old car??? İt is brand new car (LOVES FROM TURKEY)

  64. Scott Hotchkiss

    Scott Hotchkiss

    7 maanden geleden

    Didn't top gear do this like 15 years ago with an Audi A8 ? Had same digital clock counting down the miles on the screen?

    • CrazyInWeston


      7 maanden geleden

      Yep, Series 4, Episode 4.

  65. farid elfadani

    farid elfadani

    7 maanden geleden

    Bbc should just stop that pathetic attempt to restart top gear and just give money for car throttle instead

  66. Martin Vönöczky

    Martin Vönöczky

    7 maanden geleden

    Eminem: 8 mile Skoda: 807 mile

  67. Martyn Warren

    Martyn Warren

    7 maanden geleden

    All trip computers lie. They are Fake News people

  68. Dane Cobb

    Dane Cobb

    7 maanden geleden

    why does this old car have so much better fuel economy than anything being made now...?

  69. Phoenix the II

    Phoenix the II

    8 maanden geleden

    I'm more worried about your stressed out looking eyes at the end and the safety you neglected towards your fellow people on the road. There's a reason truck drivers aren't allowed to drive for more than 10 hours a day.. with 4.5hours of them straight without a break... It's nothing to be proud of, infact, you could've just split this up into 2 days and have had a good sleep between. hmpf.



    8 maanden geleden

    My golf 2 1.9d can do up to 1100miles

  71. X7rocks


    8 maanden geleden

    75 degrees and you're belly aching?

  72. That Epicia

    That Epicia

    8 maanden geleden

    Damn I get 9 mpg 😭😭

  73. S am

    S am

    8 maanden geleden

    I though British using kilometres instead of miles 🤔

  74. Patrick martin

    Patrick martin

    8 maanden geleden

    For any other Americans watch he would have to average at least 49.9 US MPG.

  75. Colin Miles

    Colin Miles

    8 maanden geleden

    HaHa! Very enjoyable. Unfortunately Brexit will screw such ventures!

  76. TRDreams


    8 maanden geleden

    All you tree huggers are talking out your asses , the egr valve shuts when you have the throttle open more than about 20% so egr only helps when idle or at very low revs on a new car great but on an old one it does far more harm than good next time you clean your egr think of that same hard to remove crap lining all the intake ports in the engine that you can’t get too , and don’t believe that carbon clean crap this stuff is hard to remove even with a chisel

  77. An Uninterested Saitama

    An Uninterested Saitama

    9 maanden geleden

    my petrol polo with grandma driving would only get like 300 miles at most :/

  78. Kristjan


    9 maanden geleden

    Try hypermiling an E38 730d. I'm doing constantly 1200+ km per tank any day with just regular commuting. It's not as good when it comes to MPG, but what a comfy ride.

  79. Francisco Oliveira Simões

    Francisco Oliveira Simões

    9 maanden geleden

    This is the best series ever

  80. TheLeverOne


    9 maanden geleden

    Thanks for showing the stats in the Kilometers as well!

  81. Alfred Bottombattaock

    Alfred Bottombattaock

    9 maanden geleden

    did top gear do this

  82. Jack Harvey

    Jack Harvey

    9 maanden geleden

    I think this is causing me to get on. That mpg is no joke

  83. Radim Kratochvíl

    Radim Kratochvíl

    9 maanden geleden

    3:56am BST ... i guess that stands for BullShit Time aye?

  84. Maxim Seynaeve

    Maxim Seynaeve

    9 maanden geleden

    lol, all his friends are jacked, except the two closest ones.

  85. john


    9 maanden geleden

    23 degrees celsius a nice day in South Africa, try a nice warm 40 celsius without aircon

  86. Nandha Kumar

    Nandha Kumar

    10 maanden geleden Check this out !!!! 46 kmpl 🙄🙄

  87. TSM_MetaL_Playz


    10 maanden geleden

    nice video alex

  88. Betty's Eldest

    Betty's Eldest

    10 maanden geleden

    Last year I punctured in France. 350 miles into the wind to Brittany @ 83 mpg and 50 mph in my 2009 Focus TDCI estate. Not a very relaxing drive on the Autoroute, but 70+ mpg is possible with care.

  89. Agarico


    10 maanden geleden

    Only 73 degrees F? That’s on the cool side for me

  90. Andrew Williams

    Andrew Williams

    10 maanden geleden

    That's amazing. My car could do 400 miles on full tank.

  91. Dan


    10 maanden geleden

    Miles and 330d were the most exciting series on this channel!!!!

  92. Aaron Desai

    Aaron Desai

    10 maanden geleden

    Starting in Tolworth lol

  93. thelolmaster1997


    11 maanden geleden

    I hated reading it and I hate it every time I read it

  94. thelolmaster1997


    11 maanden geleden

    Most boring video name ever

  95. Osame Hammadi

    Osame Hammadi

    11 maanden geleden

    Good video 👍

  96. Manjaro Max

    Manjaro Max

    11 maanden geleden

    I would try to to do same thing but... ...the way around. So trying to burn as much fuel as possible. Grüße an dich aus Bayern Alex Max Or the same thing with a Sprinter XD

  97. xxWilky


    11 maanden geleden

    Mine can barely do 250 miles with one tank 😭😭

  98. joshua daniel

    joshua daniel

    11 maanden geleden

    Don't brake

  99. Michele16


    11 maanden geleden

    Come VA??????

  100. Filipe Nadzhafov

    Filipe Nadzhafov

    11 maanden geleden

    Such a TopGear vibe. Love it!